July 2017

Hilsa Ilish bhapa or steamed hilsa recipe

Ilish bhapa or steamed hilsa recipe

Ilish or hilsa, the king of fish, can be cooked in numerous ways. Just fry it (Ilish bhaja)  and serve with a plate of steamed rice. Just enough for a satisfied tummy! Or just it can be cooked with a little kalo jeera or onion seed (Kalojeera Ilish) for a simple tasty meal. Now if you […]

Potol mishti recipe

Potol mishti recipe

Time for some desserts. It’s been long that we discussed something ‘sweet’. Yes, here we shall discuss about mishti ! As I always try to bring to you recipes which are healthy, why not prepare healthy sweets as well. Well, what if we serve a vegetable in the form of mishti ?! It would be […]

mushroom recipe Mushroom masala recipe

Mushroom masala recipe

Mushrooms are essentially vegetables and is quite popular in human diet since ages. It can be cooked in several ways. I am going to share the Mushroom masala recipe here. As like other recipes of mine, I always, try to simplify the preparation of a dish, this Mushroom masala recipe is not an exception and can […]

Chicken pakoda Chicken Popcorn Recipe

Chicken Popcorn Recipe

In marriage celebrations or birthday parties or get together, often we see the catering people serving us small chicken popcorns beautifully placed on trays. They are offered with green chutneys or red sauce. These popcorns are tasty and we love to gorge on these. Chicken popcorns serve as a good evening snack and can be […]

Chutney Papaya chutney recipe - spicy

Papaya chutney recipe – spicy

Raw papayas or green papayas are wonderful vegetable and a great source of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and folate. Hence, do make it a point to include raw or green papayas in your diet. You can cook, a curry of  raw papaya (click to know the recipe). Or make your family eat raw […]

Batore Bhature Recipe Healthy Version

Bhature Recipe Healthy Version

Bhature is an Indian bread usually eaten with chole or chickpeas or kabuli chana curry. Chole Bhature is a nice street food in North India and is consumed for breakfasts as well. Here I am sharing the Bhature Recipe Healthy Version. Though bhatures are made nicely with maida or all purpose flour, to make the […]

chane ki sabzi Chole recipe or chickpea curry recipe

Chole recipe or chickpea curry recipe

Chickpea or Kabuli chana or Chole are nutritious and has been beneficial against diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure and are good for bone health. They are a good sources of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. Chickpeas can be  used to make Chane or Kabuli chana curry, which are generally served with bhature or puri. Find out […]

aloo posto

Aloo posto with tomato recipe | Potato in poppy seeds and tomato Recipe

Posto or poppy seed is hot favorite of mine. And whenever it’s aloo posto with biuli dal, I just cannot stop myself from eating twice of my daily intake of rice! Posto or poppy seeds or khus khus are beneficial to human health. It contains minerals like zinc, manganese, iodine, copper. The unripe seeds of […]

pocket pizza Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets are indeed great snacks. When pizzas are made at home with home made pizza sauce and bases you can feel the least guilty and serve the tasty snack to get loads of applauds from the kids! To satisfy pizza cravings of your kids, do check this simple Pizza pockets Recipe. Total time required for […]

Bengali recipe Boal Mach or boal Fish Curry Recipe

Boal Mach or boal Fish Curry Recipe

Boal fish or boal mach is a very oily fish which has less number of bones and hence children and kids can easily feed on this  fish. You can cook a tasty boal fish in short time by following this Boal Mach or boal Fish Curry Recipe.Just try it out at your home. Total cooking […]