August 2017

chicken recipe Chicken chettinad recipe

Chicken chettinad recipe

Chicken chettinad recipe is derived right from the South Indian cuisine. This is extremely flavorful due to the presence of ground spices, curry leaves which are used to cook the chicken. So today let’s check out the Chicken chettinad recipe. During my stay in the south, in our office cafeteria this chicken dish was served in […]

Indian butter fish recipe | Pabda Fish Recipe with onion tomato

Indian butter fish recipe | Pabda Fish Recipe with onion tomato

Pabda or Indian butter fish is a fresh water fish and is very nutrient rich one. Fish in general has healthy omega 3 fatty acids and hence, for the non-vegetarians we should at least have 2-3 servings of fish a week. For bengalis as it’s always mach – bhaat in our thala (fish and rice), […]

Baked Pasta

Home made pot of baked pasta !

Pasta as we all know is an Italian dish. Pastas can be made in various methods. There’s the white pasta recipe, pasta in red sauce recipe. One more such recipe is ‘baked pasta’. It’s perfect for a sunny Sunday morning breakfast. Or you can choose to serve your guests this exotic baked pasta and be […]

chicken recipe Chicken chaap recipe

Chicken chaap recipe – a must with chicken biryani!

Chicken chaap is a mughlai dish and is a proud part of Awadhi cuisine. Chicken chaap is very popular in the streets of Kolkata. At almost every fast food joints, they do include Chicken chaap in their menu. Let us check an easy Chicken chaap recipe that we can try out at our home and make […]

Pudding recipe Simple pudding recipe

Simple pudding recipe

Searching a recipe to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth? Well, here’s a Simple pudding recipe that can be made easily at home with super easily found  ingredients at your fridge. Try it out. It’s made up of milk, egg, sugar, ghee and cardamom and made in a steamer. You can top it with caramel sauce and enjoy […]

Kolmi saag recipe | Water spinach recipe

Kolmi saag recipe | Water spinach recipe

In our daily diet, we often miss out on healthy greens and vegetables. And one such green is ‘water spinach’ or Kolmi saag or kalmi saag. Saag in general provides us with lots of minerals, vitamins and folates. So do enhance your daily green vegetables  intake. Here I am sharing a lovely Kolmi saag recipe | […]

Janmashtami special Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

I am sure, we all are huge fans of these Taler bora | Sugar palm balls, which are usually made during the festival of Janmashtami in Bengal and other parts of India. In monsoon, markets are flooded with these sugar palms. They are yellowish brown in color and the have a nice sweet smell! The […]

mutton recipe Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Mutanjan is a sweet rice recipe derived from the pages of Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe includes mutton as well. It can serve as a  one pot meal and your guests would surely enjoy eating this dish. You can put potatoes to the dish and make the meal more filling. I made this dish lightly spiced […]

My first month of blogging !!!!

  Today is the 10th of August, 2017, which signifies the one – month birthday of my blog ‘India’s Global Kitchen’ ( gave it a real BIG name, I must say 🙂 ). The blog as you all have understood by now, is about my journal of cooking and baking in my kitchen where I […]

Fried momo Paneer momo recipe

Posto Paneer momo recipe

Momos serve as tasty evening snacks and can be found in several outlets in shopping malls and even at several roadside food shops and stalls. Momos are parcels of all purpose flour or maida and have a ‘pur’ or filling inside it. The filling or pur can be of different ingredients. For vegetarians, you can […]