October 2017

Dal sultani

Dal sultani in a pressure cooker – my way

Dal sultani is an Awadhi Dal or lentil recipe. Split pigeon pea lentils are used to cook this Dal. Dal sultani definitely tastes the best when charcoal over beetle leaf is used in the cooking process. But we all do not feel comfortable with charcoal procedure at home. So today’s recipe is inspired by Dal sultani […]

Plain dosa recipe

Plain dosa recipe – A boon for weight watchers

In my Bangalore days, I used to stay as a paying guest. On every Friday morning, PG aunty used to serve wonderful plain dosa. Plain and white, minimal use of oil. .. was a boon to me, since I was introduced to weight watching back those days. In fact, I enjoyed standing in a long […]

Labda / Labra Torkari

Bhog special – Labda / Labra Torkari | Mixed vegetable curry

Labda / Labra Torkari is a bengali delicacy that’s an integral part of bhog, the food served to God during worship. Khichudi (cooked with rice and lentils), Labda / labra is a  wonderful combination and bengalis love having this generally for lunch during the puja days, be it Durga puja, Kali puja, Saraswati or Lakshmi […]

Mutton rezala

Pressure cooked Mutton rezala in 20 minutes

Today is my husband’s birthday and I had to cook 5 types of vegetable fries, biuli dal, Shorshe Ilish  (Hilsa in mustard seed paste) and Mutton rezala for lunch. And I had to be super fast as well since I had to look after my daughter, have some other tasks too. So I decided to […]

Paneer makhani - Cottage cheese

Easy Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe

Paneer makhani is a North Indian dish, which is made of cottage cheese (paneer) and a gravy of tomato, cashew and other powdered spices. Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe here is an extremely easy and quick recipe. With very little time in hand, if you wish to cook something good for all, do try this […]