February 2018

Jayrambati Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur

Travelogue – Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur Trip

The blog India’s Global Kitchen is one of my dearest creations. In its blogs, I write whatever comes to my mind. I share my cooking experiments with you all through the posts. Today I thought of sharing my travel experience with you all. I recently went for holidaying to Bishnupur. Bishnupur or Vishnupur is a […]

Bhetki paturi Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf

Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf

Ah! Can’t hold my joy since I succeeded in making Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf at first attempt. This was a dream come true. It is tasting so so good, that without wasting any of my time further I plan to jot down the method in a jiffy! Interestingly, since I […]

Mixed Tomato Chutney

Mixed Tomato Chutney with Mango Candies, Dates and Raisins !!

Chutneys are all of ours all time favorite. After completion of our lunch or dinner, meal seems to be incomplete without chutney. Here I will share a chutney recipe – Mixed Tomato Chutney, that’s made of tomatoes, dates, raisins, amshotto  (mango candies). Mango candies or amshotto is very much popular in West Bengal. In various […]

bengali mutton curry Mutton kosha

The recipe of my mutton kosha !

Today’s my sister’s pre-wedding day and few of our close friends and family have already arrived to make the occasion all the more merrier. For the evening, the charge of cooking was bestowed on me and I was happier, excited as well as nervous. Feeding 25 people was a mammoth task for me. I have […]

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Prawns are loved by all most all non-vegetarians globally. Prawns are a good low fat protein source and supplies our bodies with Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Today I will share a recipe of grilled prawns in a skewer. Again easy to make and being a hassle free recipe, it can be […]