March 2018

Bhetki Chilli fish with bhetki or barramundi

Chilli fish with bhetki or barramundi

I have been yearning for long to make chilli fish at home with bhetki or barramundi fish. But every time I go to the market, either I have to return with no bhetki at all or some whole bhetki cut into pieces. But mostly with no fillets which I of course need to make Chilli […]

Kashmiri Chicken

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe

And today’s recipe for Sunday lunch is Rice & Kashmiri Chicken. To my delight the recipe is quite simple and the whole spices that’s used in the process does all the magic. The aroma and flavours released by the spices imparts a distinctive feature to the otherwise much predictable chicken dishes and their recipes. Let’s check […]

Appreciation for women

Happy Women’s Day ❤

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women around who have been defying all the unnecessary society imposed boundaries on women, to women who in spite of gender biased-ness are rising high in their careers, to women who are pursuing their dreams, to women who have been putting all their dreams to back seats and […]

Bengali style aloor dum

Bengali style aloor dum

Bengali style aloor dum is one of the first dishes I started my cooking lessons with. Its too easy to make. Usually served with luchi or parantha, Bengali style aloor dum is often cooked in bengali households and one of their favourites (including mine), specially on Sundays for breakfasts! Here, the recipe provided is a […]