May 2019

Dosa recipe

Instant Ragi dosa | Nachni dosa | Finger millet dosa

If you have been reading my blog, by this time you must know that I love dosas. The affair begun right from my childhood days and the love came out all the more during my bachelorette days in Bangalore when I could literally live on them – on days I had them for breakfast, lunch […]

Rich Indian chicken gravy dish ;

Tar kalia – A rich chicken gravy dish

I am an avid reader of medival aged recipes. Lately I have been reading Awadhi cuisine recipes and a book consisting of recipes from the Royal kitchen of the maharajas. The subtle techniques for enhancing the flavour of a particular dish mesmerises me. At the same time, in today’s world time is a luxury and […]

bengali mutton curry

My mutton curry recipe with dried fenugreek leaves

Sunday’s menu has always been special for our family. And it’s all the more important now since all other days of the week I cook for the family in a jiffy and focusing on their health needs. After all, cooking takes a lot of your time on palate and when you are a working mom […]