July 2019

30s skin care for Indian Skin

My basic skincare routine

Before I start writing about basic skincare routine, here’s a quick disclaimer. I am not a beauty expert and I am going to share only what I have understood by reading about beauty regime a lot and also from my past experience. To follow us on facebook, please click here. Beauty lies in the eyes of […]

Bengali cuisine Dhaniya prawn | Dhone chingri curry

Dhaniya prawn | Dhone chingri curry

I have been trying my hands on several recipes of prawn at home. Malaikari being my top favorite. But today I tried something of my own and I named it ‘Dhaniya prawn’ or ‘dhone chingri’. It came out wonderful. Cooked along with potatoes, it’s apt for lunch paired with a plate of steamed rice. Also […]