December 2019

breakfast recipe

Easy to make creamy cheesy pasta

An eight day long holiday it is….moreover Christmas time…This time, Mercury level dipped below 12 degree..met department is quite hopeful of temperature going southward further…. it’s quite cold these days, as it used to be during our childhood winter days. Global warming subsided then? Don’t know really… just extreme weather in 2019 we could see.. […]

Arhar dal recipe Khatti dal

Khatti dal with split pigeon pea lentil

Khatti dal with split pigeon pea lentil is an awesome recipe that I came across a recipe book of Lucknawi cuisine gharana. The Khatti dal is made with arhar dal also known as Toor dal or split pigeon pea lentil. These days I feel so ecstatic to find new wonderful rich recipes of dal. In our home, […]