February 2020

breakfast recipe

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti is our current favorite for breakfasts. Ever since I joined the corporate wagon after a short child care break, time crunch has become a real issue in my family. I really appreciate those 2 years when I would be making elaborate meals thrice a day and […]

DIY Homemade lip balm

Homemade lip balm

This article marks the first recipe of my homemade skincare products. A lot of concern about our health, embracing of the minimalism theory, money saving hacks and inclination towards homemade diy stuff propelled me to start making my skincare products myself. A lot of people, especially women have been suffering due to oestrogen dominance, a […]

Bombai Karachi Halwa; Bombai Karachi Halwa

Bombai Karachi Halwa

My childhood all time favorite sweet was Bombai Karachi Halwa. Red transparent oily and chewy…. The texture was my main attraction. The charmagaz inside the barfi like sweets imparted the crunchiness and I absolutely used to enjoy each bite as it would melt inside my mouth. Today I am super happy that I no longer […]