June 2020

Bengali cuisine Kakrar Jhol | Bengali style Crab Curry

Kakrar Jhol | Bengali style Crab Curry

Kakrar Jhol | Bengali style Crab Curry is a Bengali delicacy, that’s cooked in an out most simple manner yet it tastes so delicious. Today, we had a crab seller passing by our lane. We stopped him and inquired about the crabs. 500 bucks per kilogram, he said. All carried down from Sundarban, the pride […]

Grocery budget

Kitchen and savings – Tips to save money in kitchen

We all toil hard to earn pennies primarily to keep ourselves alive. With the money we earn we spend on food. With ever rising prices of groceries, it’s good to know a few tips and remind ourselves of the pointers on how to save money in the kitchen. After all, a penny saved is a […]

100% atta bread recipe Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Baking is surely therapeutic. My favorite pass time or leisure activity. Baking with flour or maida is all about that authentic flavour and taste but dealing with atta or whole wheat flour while baking is tricky yet that’s a better choice when it comes to our health, no doubt on it. Previously, I shared a […]

chicken recipe Chicken tangri kebab

Chicken tangri kebab

Raise your hands who don’t love kebabs??? I’m sure no hands are raised out there! At restaurants, the variety of kebabs served are really mouth – watering. But it’s easy to make them at home as well. Do you know how to make them? Read more. I’ll share with you the method today. At home, […]

Bengali cuisine Gondhoraj Katla | Fish with Kaffir lime

Gondhoraj Katla |Fish with Kaffir Lime

Katla, Rui or any fish can be cooked in number of ways. Earlier I have shared Katla Kalia recipe, another recipe is shared which can be cooked with just coriander, cumin powder. Today I will be sharing a very unique and flavourful yet simple recipe of Katla fish called Gondhoraj Katla |Fish with Kaffir Lime. […]