Brown bread recipe

Brown bread recipe

 Brown breads with an egg omelette is a quick, healthy and tasty option for breakfast. Brown breads are made of atta (wheat) and are a better substitute for white breads made of maida. Brown breads available in the market are hardly pure and mostly contains some percentage of maida. You can make these brown breads on weekends and use them for the next 3-4 days. Let’s check out the Brown bread recipe by which bake brown breads at home.


Snapshot for Brown bread recipe:

Ingredients for Brown bread recipe baked for 3 people:

1. 3 cups of wheat flour (atta)

2. Dry active yeast – 1 tbsp

3. 1 tbsp of refined oil (if you skip this, it will come up fine but a little dry)

4. Salt to taste

5. 1 cup of warm water with 1 tbsp of sugar or honey dissolved in it

6. Milk – 2 tsp

Brown bread recipe – The Method:

1. Activate the yeast by mixing 1 tbsp of yeast into hot sweet water . Wait for 15 minutes till froth is seen at the top

2. Mix flour, salt, oil

3. Add yeast water

4. Make a dough. Let it rest for 5-6 hours. Knead again. If you have time you can repeat giving it rest and again kneading

5. The dough will rise double than before and will be soft and stretchy

6. Pre-heat oven at 190 Celsius

7. Insert the dough in bread pan (I do it in normal baking trays by folding dough into buns or square shape). Before putting them inside the oven, you can brush the top surface with milk

8. Bake for 40 minutes at 190 Celsius

9. Let the bread rest for 3-4 hours till it softens

10. Cut and check for the perforated fluffy structure of brown bread

Brown bread is ready for toasts. It can be stored in air tight boxes in refrigerator.

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