baking bread Brown bread recipe

Brown bread recipe

 Brown breads with an egg omelette is a quick, healthy and tasty option for breakfast. Brown breads are made of atta (wheat) and are a better substitute for white breads made of maida. Brown breads available in the market are hardly pure and mostly contains some percentage of maida. You can make these brown breads […]

anniversary cake recipe How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake

How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake

  A perfectly sweet cocoa cake with a creamy cocoa topping. That’s a simple chocolate cake for me. Just a small piece of yummy cake for each of us. Let’s find out how to prepare it. To know How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake, please check the recipe below. It gave me […]

baked Chocolate coffee cake recipe

Chocolate coffee cake recipe

Be it birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, cakes are very important expression of love care and merriment. And what if someone bakes for you! So that someone else also feel special, let’s bake and spread love. Here’s a simple Chocolate coffee cake recipe. Check the Chocolate coffee cake recipe out. Total cooking time as per Chocolate coffee […]