Beginner’s guide to cooking

Egg roll

Healthy Multigrain atta Egg Roll Recipe

Today’s Saturday, and during this lockdown phase I had only cooked simple veggie meals so far… A simple mid week snack in the form of “aloo chips” was served to the family, and nothing fancy this week was prepared. Reason being of course, limited rationing and lack of time in hand since with no maid […]


Kifayti Snacks: Homemade Crispy potato chips

My Facebook and Instagram is all filled with delicious homemade food, all made during this Corona lockdown phase! It feels so nice more so, as people have taken it seriously and in their stride. Hopefully, we win against this monster soon and we get back to normal pace of life ASAP. So few interesting food […]

Bramhi saag

Bramhi saag with pumpkin

As dear hubby had harvested a few Bramhi saag in our balcony garden, I thought of cooking it today. I had a piece of pumkin with me which I thought would be the best vegetable to be cooked with the saag. Bramhi saag has got innumerous health benefits like controlling of blood sugar, treating anxiety, […]

Chocolate brownie

The “Brownie”, so yummy

Today’s the birthday of my daughter and the government had ordered “Janta Curfew” from 7am – 9 pm, as a prevention measure of Covid 2019, the drill popularly called as “breaking the chain”. We really appreciated the idea and decided to abide by the Prime Minister of our nation. But Mimsy is so small… If […]

aloo bhaja Fried potato recipe

All time favorite snack idea – Fried potato recipe

To satisfy the hunger pangs of kids, let’s serve them something healthy yet appealing snacks to them. One such recipe to curb hunger pangs of kids that can be served in no time is the all time favorite of kids and mom – the Fried potato recipe. These fried potatoes can be served as starters in […]

Kushka Rice With Egg

Kushka Rice With Egg – A daily recipe

Kushka Rice With Egg is a recipe from the pages of South Asian cuisine, especially popular in south India. A rice dish made with aromatic basmati rice, simple spices, clarified butter, it’s quite subtly flavorful! Me being a non-vegetarian, to make the meal more filling I prefer to cook it with eggs. It’s generally served […]

Kacha aamer dal | Tok dal with arhar | Lentils with green mango

Kacha aamer dal | Tok dal with arhar | Lentils with green mango

This summer enjoy the afternoon light meals with Kacha aamer dal | Tok dal with arhar | Lentils with green mango. Usually Tok dal is made with red Lentils or masoor dal. I make it at home with masoor only. But today I thought of using arhar or Toor dal in Kacha aamer dal | Tok dal […]

Ghoogni | Ghugni

Ghoogni | Ghugni with matar dal

Ghoogni | Ghugni is a chatpata bengali dish that’s quite popular as a street food. In evenings, maa serves Ghoogni | Ghugni  with a slice of bread at home. Even in some parts of West bengal Ghoogni | Ghugni is best enjoyed with muri  ( puffed rice ).     The Ghoogni | Ghugni recipe that I […]

Bengali style aloor dum

Bengali style aloor dum

Bengali style aloor dum is one of the first dishes I started my cooking lessons with. Its too easy to make. Usually served with luchi or parantha, Bengali style aloor dum is often cooked in bengali households and one of their favourites (including mine), specially on Sundays for breakfasts!   Time required to cook Bengali style aloor […]

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer (with patali gur or jaggery)

Payesh is a term that seems so sweet to bengalis. Not because they taste sweet but because they are cooked with much patience and care and served with much love! On birthdays, as most people in the world enjoy bites of cakes, we bengalis love taking a dig into a bowl of payesh. Payesh can […]