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Bhetki paturi Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf

Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf

Ah! Can’t hold my joy since I succeeded in making Bhetki paturi | Barramundi fish wrapped in banana leaf at first attempt. This was a dream come true. It is tasting so so good, that without wasting any of my time further I plan to jot down the method in a jiffy! Interestingly, since I had […]

Mixed Tomato Chutney

Mixed Tomato Chutney with Mango Candies, Dates and Raisins !!

Chutneys are all of ours all time favorite. After completion of our lunch or dinner, meal seems to be incomplete without chutney. Here I will share a chutney recipe – Mixed Tomato Chutney, that’s made of tomatoes, dates, raisins, amshotto  (mango candies). Mango candies or amshotto is very much popular in West Bengal. In various […]

Mutton kosha

The recipe of my mutton kosha !

Today’s my sister’s pre-wedding day and few of our close friends and family have already arrived to make the occasion all the more merrier. For the evening, the charge of cooking was bestowed on me and I was happier, excited as well as nervous. Feeding 25 people was a mammoth task for me. I have […]

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer (with patali gur or jaggery)

Payesh is a term that seems so sweet to bengalis. Not because they taste sweet but because they are cooked with much patience and care and served with much love! On birthdays, as most people in the world enjoy bites of cakes, we bengalis love taking a dig into a bowl of payesh. Payesh can […]

Kadai chicken

An easy recipe of Kadai chicken

Kadai chicken is  popular recipe in Northern parts of India. Today being the 1st day of the year 2018, I planned to cook something tasty for dinner. The lunch had been too simple today as yesterday was a roof – top picnic day for us with bon-fire! So the dinner was a late one and […]

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina is a breakfast dish or an evening snack dish. Again, its such a breakfast option which is healthy, tasty and easy to make. In Bengal, people call this semolina item ‘Jhal suji’. Upma from south India is another close version of it made usually  with biuli dal. You can serve […]

Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari

Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari

Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari is a brilliant bengali vegetable dish. Since winter is near, the market will get overloaded with cabbages – a winter speciality. Try this cabbage recipe of mine with prawns and bori (lentil dumplings) and do let me know how good it came out. It’s one of […]

Cauliflower Bengali cauliflower curry | Fulkopir torkari

Bengali cauliflower curry | Fulkopir torkari

Days in my childhood were really simple. Duck tales, chitrahaar, water stickers, lock and key, stone – paper – scissor – all simple games, simple TV program. Globalization was just setting in. People used to find enjoyment in simple chats, face to face meet and picnics and of course by sipping morning tea from bone […]

Labda / Labra Torkari

Bhog special – Labda / Labra Torkari | Mixed vegetable curry

Labda / Labra Torkari is a bengali delicacy that’s an integral part of bhog, the food served to God during worship. Khichudi (cooked with rice and lentils), Labda / labra is a  wonderful combination and bengalis love having this generally for lunch during the puja days, be it Durga puja, Kali puja, Saraswati or Lakshmi […]

Mutton rezala

Pressure cooked Mutton rezala in 20 minutes

Today is my husband’s birthday and I had to cook 5 types of vegetable fries, biuli dal, Shorshe Ilish  (Hilsa in mustard seed paste) and Mutton rezala for lunch. And I had to be super fast as well since I had to look after my daughter, have some other tasks too. So I decided to […]