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100% atta bread recipe Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Baking is surely therapeutic. My favorite pass time or leisure activity. Baking with flour or maida is all about that authentic flavour and taste but dealing with atta or whole wheat flour while baking is tricky yet that’s a better choice when it comes to our health, no doubt on it. Previously, I shared a […]

Bengali Mishti recipe Langcha or Lyangcha Recipe

Langcha or lyangcha Recipe

So, last time I made Gulab jamuns with milk powder, suji, maida (editing still incomplete 🙂). This time, I am going to share a recipe of Gulab jamun with suji (semolina) and milk. Well, this time there’s a difference. Hubby cooks and I note. He decided to make langcha or lyangcha for us. Basically, both […]

Eggless cookie recipe Sweet milk whole wheat cookies

Sweet milk whole wheat cookies

Sweet milk whole wheat cookies is the second type of cookies, that I made in series. What a wonderful bake-filled Saturday it has been! And the best aroma of the world to me is surely of anything I bake. The previous recipe of Cumin Wheat Cookies is of less fat, less sugar. But this recipe […]

Aloo Paratha | Aloo Parantha with atta

Aloo parantha Recipe | Wheat breads with potato filling

Well, when the kitchen pros may choose to ignore this post, there’s a few dear readers who must be reading each lines of the post as sincerely as one can! Aloo parantha Recipe is such a recipe that most of the Indians are pro at but for my beginner friends this recipe is a basic […]

Aloo tikki burger recipe Homemade aloo tikki burger

Homemade aloo tikki burger from scratch!

Well it’s undebatable, kids love to gorge on junk foods. Be it pizza, be it burgers, be it pastas or rolls! Don’t we love them too? But certainly we all try to avoid outside food as far as possible. But what if we can serve them their favorites at home, made completely at home? After […]

baking bread Homemade burger bun

Burger Bun Recipe

I am a huge baking lover! To bake is to make my soul happy, the aura of my home freshens up, my mind rejuvenates. And most importantly, the satisfaction derived out of serving homemade fresh bakery product is unparallel. I usually reserve my Saturdays for some sort of baking. After a week long of juggling […]

Aloo tikki | Potato filling for burgers Aloo Tikki

Aloo tikki | Potato filling for burgers

Aloo tikki | Potato filling for burgers is today’s recipe. Aloo tikki is a popular snack item in Indian cuisine. And these aloo tikkis can be used for burgers as well. These days we get aloo tikki at supermarkets, in ready to fry form in packets. But, it’s very easy to make aloo tikkis at […]

Cumin cookie recipe

Cumin cookies with whole wheat | Jeera atta cookies

This is the first time I am sharing a cookie recipe in this blog. Cumin cookies with whole wheat | Jeera atta cookies would be the first one. This cookie is a very healthy one since it’s made with whole wheat and no refined flour, less sugar and a little fat. This is more of […]

Egg roll

Healthy Multigrain atta Egg Roll Recipe

Today’s Saturday, and during this lockdown phase I had only cooked simple veggie meals so far… A simple mid week snack in the form of “aloo chips” was served to the family, and nothing fancy this week was prepared. Reason being of course, limited rationing and lack of time in hand since with no maid […]

Fritters Homemade crispy potato chips

Kifayti Snacks: Homemade Crispy potato chips

My Facebook and Instagram is all filled with delicious homemade food, all made during this Corona lockdown phase! It feels so nice more so, as people have taken it seriously and in their stride. Hopefully, we win against this monster soon and we get back to normal pace of life ASAP. So few interesting food […]