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Kifayti Snacks: Homemade Crispy potato chips

My Facebook and Instagram is all filled with delicious homemade food, all made during this Corona lockdown phase! It feels so nice more so, as people have taken it seriously and in their stride. Hopefully, we win against this monster soon and we get back to normal pace of life ASAP. So few interesting food […]

Chocolate brownie

The “Brownie”, so yummy

Today’s the birthday of my daughter and the government had ordered “Janta Curfew” from 7am – 9 pm, as a prevention measure of Covid 2019, the drill popularly called as “breaking the chain”. We really appreciated the idea and decided to abide by the Prime Minister of our nation. But Mimsy is so small… If […]

breakfast recipe

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti is our current favorite for breakfasts. Ever since I joined the corporate wagon after a short child care break, time crunch has become a real issue in my family. I really appreciate those 2 years when I would be making elaborate meals thrice a day and […]

breakfast recipe

Easy to make creamy cheesy pasta

An eight day long holiday it is….moreover Christmas time…This time, Mercury level dipped below 12 degree..met department is quite hopeful of temperature going southward further…. it’s quite cold these days, as it used to be during our childhood winter days. Global warming subsided then? Don’t know really… just extreme weather in 2019 we could see.. […]

breakfast recipe Rajasthani baati from oven

Rajasthani baati from oven and aloo chokha

From the picture what do you guess it is? What? Litti chokha? ? Nopes. Chokha Baati it is. Now you may wonder on what part of the earth can you find it out? Well, it’s in my kitchen. I made baati and chokha today for breakfast. Baati is from Rajasthani cuisine and chokha is adapted […]

benefits of homemade food Homemade Pizza with processed cheese

Homemade vegetable pizza from scratch with processed cheese and homemade pizza sauce

Homemade vegetable pizza from scratch with processed cheese and homemade pizza sauce Recipe: Quest for making Domino’s like pizza has made me quite a bit of good pizza maker these days. Saturday mornings mostly are reserved for making them for my little munchkin and her same aged visitors to our home. The smile and the […]

bengali dish Poha upma | Chirer pulao | Flattened rice upma

Poha upma | Chirer pulao | Flattened rice upma – an easy breakfast recipe

Poha upma | Chirer pulao | Flattened rice upma is a wonderful breakfast option that can be prepared in 15 minutes. It’s very healthy, tasty and filling. I am sharing the easiest method of preparing Poha upma | Chirer pulao in a jiffy that has very less ingredients in it. It’s made with flattened rice and potato […]

Dosa recipe

Instant Ragi dosa | Nachni dosa | Finger millet dosa

If you have been reading my blog, by this time you must know that I love dosas. The affair begun right from my childhood days and the love came out all the more during my bachelorette days in Bangalore when I could literally live on them – on days I had them for breakfast, lunch […]

breakfast recipe Garlic mashed potato

Garlic mashed potato – The Classic English Side Dish

Today’s recipe is “Garlic mashed potato”. The classic mashed potato and bread! Or Mashed potato and grilled fish…. In the west it’s a popular dish in their menu during occassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though it would not be fair to draw a parallel with bengal’s own ‘alu sheddho’ a basic, simple recipe of boiled […]

Amritsari pindi chole Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry

Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry

Today’s recipe is Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry. It’s a chickpea or chole recipe that’s signature is its black color or dark hue. It can be served with steamed rice or puri. Chickpeas to mention, are a wonderful source of protein. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.Its good for bone health, diabetes, […]