Breakfasts/Snack Recipes

Grilled Chicken Skewer Recipe

Grilled Chicken Skewer

On the auspicious nabami, when most people are busy standing in long queues in the restaurants across the streets of Bengal, I preferred to pandal hop and come back to serve and relish home served meal this time. And today I made grilled chicken skewer! Hassle free cooking, delicious to eat and above all the […]

Noodles Vegetable Chowmein Noodles with soy sauce

Vegetable Chowmein Noodles with soy sauce!

Noodles are wonderful Chinese food that are popular across the world. The string like noodles are made of rice or semolina or maida. We can prepare noodles in several ways, with vegetables or chicken or eggs or prawns or can simply use all of the chicken, egg, prawn and vegetables and call it a mix […]

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina is a breakfast dish or an evening snack dish. Again, its such a breakfast option which is healthy, tasty and easy to make. In Bengal, people call this semolina item ‘Jhal suji’. Upma from south India is another close version of it made usually  with biuli dal. You can serve […]

Plain dosa recipe

Plain dosa recipe – A boon for weight watchers

In my Bangalore days, I used to stay as a paying guest. On every Friday morning, PG aunty used to serve wonderful plain dosa. Plain and white, minimal use of oil. .. was a boon to me, since I was introduced to weight watching back those days. In fact, I enjoyed standing in a long […]

bread bread dahi vada

Brown bread dahi vada – A quick filling and healthy snack!

Serving snacks to our guests and giving an awesome tiffin to our kids, both are tedious sometimes. But with readily available ingredients at home, nothing is difficult at all. With this Brown bread dahi vada recipe, you can serve a chatpata snack to your guest and ensure an empty tiffin box upon your kid’s return […]

Baked Pasta

Home made pot of baked pasta !

Pasta as we all know is an Italian dish. Pastas can be made in various methods. There’s the white pasta recipe, pasta in red sauce recipe. One more such recipe is ‘baked pasta’. It’s perfect for a sunny Sunday morning breakfast. Or you can choose to serve your guests this exotic baked pasta and be […]

Janmashtami special Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

I am sure, we all are huge fans of these Taler bora | Sugar palm balls, which are usually made during the festival of Janmashtami in Bengal and other parts of India. In monsoon, markets are flooded with these sugar palms. They are yellowish brown in color and the have a nice sweet smell! The […]

Fried momo Paneer momo recipe

Posto Paneer momo recipe

Momos serve as tasty evening snacks and can be found in several outlets in shopping malls and even at several roadside food shops and stalls. Momos are parcels of all purpose flour or maida and have a ‘pur’ or filling inside it. The filling or pur can be of different ingredients. For vegetarians, you can […]

Easy idli recipe Idli Recipe for soft, fluffy idlis

Idli Recipe for soft, fluffy idlis

If you have been following my blog, you would understand that I have been a huge fan of South Indian food. I remember if my parents were to go shopping in ‘Dakshinapan mall’ in Kolkata, I used to be very happy. Not because my ma and babi would bring us new clothes, but because they […]

Chicken pakoda Chicken Popcorn Recipe

Chicken Popcorn Recipe

In marriage celebrations or birthday parties or get together, often we see the catering people serving us small chicken popcorns beautifully placed on trays. They are offered with green chutneys or red sauce. These popcorns are tasty and we love to gorge on these. Chicken popcorns serve as a good evening snack and can be […]