Breakfasts/Snack Recipes

Topse fry | Mango fish fry

Topse fry | Mango fish fry

Topse fry | Mango fish fry is a popular starter in bengali cuisine. In the mornings of marriage ceremony, house warming parties and other get-togethers, it’s often served. Topse fish or the Mango fish is a little pricey fish that has a single delicate bone in it. It tastes awesome! Today I will share a […]

Ghoogni | Ghugni

Ghoogni | Ghugni with matar dal

Ghoogni | Ghugni is a chatpata bengali dish that’s quite popular as a street food. In evenings, maa serves Ghoogni | Ghugni  with a slice of bread at home. Even in some parts of West bengal Ghoogni | Ghugni is best enjoyed with muri  ( puffed rice ).     The Ghoogni | Ghugni recipe that I […]

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Prawns are loved by all most all non-vegetarians globally. Prawns are a good low fat protein source and supplies our bodies with Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Today I will share a recipe of grilled prawns in a skewer. Again easy to make and being a hassle free recipe, it can be […]

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer (with patali gur or jaggery)

Payesh is a term that seems so sweet to bengalis. Not because they taste sweet but because they are cooked with much patience and care and served with much love! On birthdays, as most people in the world enjoy bites of cakes, we bengalis love taking a dig into a bowl of payesh. Payesh can […]

semolina Semolina Upma | Suji Upma

Semolina Upma | Suji Upma

There’s numerous mouth watering dish of semolina or suji that can be cooked for a family breakfast. Earlier I had shared a bengali Jhal suji recipe in my blog. Today I am going to share the recipe for a South Indian cuisine inspired Semolina Upma | Suji Upma ! Semolina or suji based dishes are a […]

Grilled Chicken Skewer Recipe

Grilled Chicken Skewer

On the auspicious nabami, when most people are busy standing in long queues in the restaurants across the streets of Bengal, I preferred to pandal hop and come back to serve and relish home served meal this time. And today I made grilled chicken skewer! Hassle free cooking, delicious to eat and above all the […]

Noodles Vegetable Chowmein Noodles with soy sauce

Vegetable Chowmein Noodles with soy sauce!

Noodles are wonderful Chinese food that are popular across the world. The string like noodles are made of rice or semolina or maida. We can prepare noodles in several ways, with vegetables or chicken or eggs or prawns or can simply use all of the chicken, egg, prawn and vegetables and call it a mix […]

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina

Jhal suji | Savoury semolina is a breakfast dish or an evening snack dish. Again, its such a breakfast option which is healthy, tasty and easy to make. In Bengal, people call this semolina item ‘Jhal suji’. Upma from south India is another close version of it made usually  with biuli dal. You can serve […]

Plain dosa recipe

Plain dosa recipe – A boon for weight watchers

In my Bangalore days, I used to stay as a paying guest. On every Friday morning, PG aunty used to serve wonderful plain dosa. Plain and white, minimal use of oil. .. was a boon to me, since I was introduced to weight watching back those days. In fact, I enjoyed standing in a long […]

bread bread dahi vada

Brown bread dahi vada – A quick filling and healthy snack!

Serving snacks to our guests and giving an awesome tiffin to our kids, both are tedious sometimes. But with readily available ingredients at home, nothing is difficult at all. With this Brown bread dahi vada recipe, you can serve a chatpata snack to your guest and ensure an empty tiffin box upon your kid’s return […]