Chicken recipe

Awadhi cuisine Chicken do piyaza

Chicken do piyaza

Chicken do piyaza is an Awadhi preparation of chicken that’s made with onions added twice in the whole process. And hence the name ‘do piyaza’. Though in some places it is documented that you cook chicken with another vegetable in do piyaza dishes. Here in this recipe I followed the process of adding onions twice. […]

chicken recipe

Chicken Korma

Today’s my birthday and the day had been hectic at office. So I wanted to cook myself some wonderful dinner that I can enjoy with my family in the comfort of home. “Something rich?”, I asked, “Yes”, He confirmed. So over the phone we decided let it be chicken korma and vegetable pulao today. I […]

Bengali cuisine Robibarer Desi Murgir Jhol | Country chicken curry | Organic chicken curry

Robibarer Desi Murgir Jhol | Country chicken curry | Organic chicken curry

To bengalis, robibarer khawadawa is really special. The head of the family goes to the market to procure the freshest vegetables and meat from the local market. The best dishes are reserved for robibarer khawadawa in most of the households. Of course, it being a holiday and it calls for our family time! And the […]

Rich Indian chicken gravy dish ;

Tar kalia – A rich chicken gravy dish

I am an avid reader of medival aged recipes. Lately I have been reading Awadhi cuisine recipes and a book consisting of recipes from the Royal kitchen of the maharajas. The subtle techniques for enhancing the flavour of a particular dish mesmerises me. At the same time, in today’s world time is a luxury and […]

Awadhi cuisine Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg

I have been really intrigued by this recipe I found in an Awadhi cuisine book and it’s called Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg. So today I decided to serve the same for lunch. It will be accompanied by plain rice. The recipe of Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg is in reality mind blowing […]

birthday recipe Malai chicken tangri kabab | Cream chicken tangri kebab

Malai chicken tangri kabab | Cream chicken tangri kebab

Kebabs are all time favorites for starters in parties and get-together. It’s simple and easy to make. I feel the process of cooking kebabs involves less mess and the recipes can be tweaked greatly by changing the ingredients only. Today I am going to share a Malai chicken tangri kabab | Cream chicken tangri kebab recipe, […]

chicken recipe Chicken 65 recipe

Chicken 65 Recipe

While I used to live in South India, to be specific Bangalore, I was first introduced to Chicken 65. There was a shop in BTM layout where almost every Friday I used to snack on chicken 65 or paneer 65. As history suggests, chicken 65 actually was first made in Tamil Nadu. From there the […]

Kashmiri Chicken

Kashmiri Chicken Recipe

And today’s recipe for Sunday lunch is Rice & Kashmiri Chicken. To my delight the recipe is quite simple and the whole spices that’s used in the process does all the magic. The aroma and flavours released by the spices imparts a distinctive feature to the otherwise much predictable chicken dishes and their recipes. Let’s check […]

Kadai chicken

An easy recipe of Kadai chicken

Kadai chicken is  popular recipe in Northern parts of India. Today being the 1st day of the year 2018, I planned to cook something tasty for dinner. The lunch had been too simple today as yesterday was a roof – top picnic day for us with bon-fire! So the dinner was a late one and […]

chicken Chicken pulao recipe

Chicken Pulao – A one pot meal solution!

Chicken pulao is a quite popular dish across the Indian subcontinent. Talk about chicken pulao recipe and you can have many recipes coming your way. Each tastes definitely awesome but varies distinctively in their flavors due to the ingredients added. I will share my recipe of chicken pulao here, which is kind of savory and […]