Mixed Tomato Chutney

Mixed Tomato Chutney with Mango Candies, Dates and Raisins !!

Chutneys are all of ours all time favorite. After completion of our lunch or dinner, meal seems to be incomplete without chutney. Here I will share a chutney recipe – Mixed Tomato Chutney, that’s made of tomatoes, dates, raisins, amshotto  (mango candies). Mango candies or amshotto is very much popular in West Bengal. In various […]

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer

Simui payesh | Vermicelli Kheer (with patali gur or jaggery)

Payesh is a term that seems so sweet to bengalis. Not because they taste sweet but because they are cooked with much patience and care and served with much love! On birthdays, as most people in the world enjoy bites of cakes, we bengalis love taking a dig into a bowl of payesh. Payesh can […]

Baked Cottage Cheese With Jaggery | Baked Gurer Sondesh

Baked Cottage Cheese With Jaggery | Baked Gurer Sondesh

Festive seasons are coming and for Indians, every occasions and celebrations are surely incomplete without sweets / mithai / mishti ! Today, I am going to share a healthy sweet recipe. It’s called ‘ Baked Cottage Cheese With Jaggery | Baked Gurer Sondesh ‘. The sweet is made up of chana or cottage cheese. For sweetness, […]

Pudding recipe Simple pudding recipe

Simple pudding recipe

Searching a recipe to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth? Well, here’s a Simple pudding recipe that can be made easily at home with super easily found  ingredients at your fridge. Try it out. It’s made up of milk, egg, sugar, ghee and cardamom and made in a steamer. You can top it with caramel sauce and enjoy […]

Janmashtami special Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

Taler bora | Sugar palm balls

I am sure, we all are huge fans of these Taler bora | Sugar palm balls, which are usually made during the festival of Janmashtami in Bengal and other parts of India. In monsoon, markets are flooded with these sugar palms. They are yellowish brown in color and the have a nice sweet smell! The […]

Cake Carrot coconut cake recipe - healthy version

Carrot coconut cake recipe – healthy version

As a mother and a wife, I always strive to serve healthy food to my family. And when it comes to cakes, I always try to be innovative and discover healthy recipes for cakes. One such recipe to serve a healthy cake is this recipe of mine called ‘Carrot coconut cake recipe – healthy version’. […]

Potol mishti recipe

Potol mishti recipe

Time for some desserts. It’s been long that we discussed something ‘sweet’. Yes, here we shall discuss about mishti ! As I always try to bring to you recipes which are healthy, why not prepare healthy sweets as well. Well, what if we serve a vegetable in the form of mishti ?! It would be […]

Chutney Papaya chutney recipe - spicy

Papaya chutney recipe – spicy

Raw papayas or green papayas are wonderful vegetable and a great source of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and folate. Hence, do make it a point to include raw or green papayas in your diet. You can cook, a curry of  raw papaya (click to know the recipe). Or make your family eat raw […]

Cake How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake

How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake

A perfectly sweet cocoa cake with a creamy cocoa topping. That’s a simple chocolate cake for me. Just a small piece of yummy cake for each of us. Let’s find out how to prepare it. To know How to bake a super spongy chocolate mini cake, please check the recipe below. It gave me the […]

Malpoa Malpua Recipe with rice flour

Malpua Recipe with rice flour

Malpua or malpoa is a dessert or sweet dish popular in Bengal and are generally made on the occasion of ‘poush sankranti’. It can be served as an evening snack with tea and is quite easy to make. It is essentially made up of rice flour, milk and nuts and raisins. On the day of […]