smoothie Pomegranate smoothie

Pomegranate smoothie – a soothing drink !

Pomegranate smoothie is a refreshing drink with the goodness of bright red pomegranate fruit and curd. Pomegranate is rich in folate, Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K. It has anti – inflammatory effects, fights prostrate cancer, breast cancer, lowers blood pressure, fights arthritis, lowers chances of heart disease, improves memory. Curd has benefits like it improves […]

Gondhoraj Tea Recipe

Gondhoraj Tea Recipe

Most of us are a huge fan of ‘Tea’ or chai or cha. Be it milk tea, green tea or plain liquor tea, they all are refreshing! Here I am sharing my ‘Gondhoraj Tea Recipe’, which is basically a liquor tea, with a punch of Gondhoraj lebu or lemon or lime juice and a little […]

masala chai Masala chai | Spiced tea Recipe

Masala chai | Spiced tea Recipe

Masala chai | Spiced tea Recipe is a recipe of tea or chai served with spices like cardamom and ginger. Tastes may vary as per the spices added into the tea. Some may add nutmeg, black pepper or bay leaves. Masala tea not only provides a spicy twist to our mundane evening tea, but also elevates […]