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anniversary cake recipe Nutty chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Nutty chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Today being my 6th marriage anniversary, I must bake a cake! And while it comes to baking, my now seemingly lazy husband rolls his eyes and demand I must let that baking part rest on him. I am sure that he’s a great baker and better than myself, still the excitement that occurs while baking […]

aloo bhaja Fried potato recipe

All time favorite snack idea – Fried potato recipe

To satisfy the hunger pangs of kids, let’s serve them something healthy yet appealing snacks to them. One such recipe to curb hunger pangs of kids that can be served in no time is the all time favorite of kids and mom – the Fried potato recipe. These fried potatoes can be served as starters in […]

christmas recipe Mango Ice-cream using a blender

The recipe for Mango Ice-cream using a blender

This is my first post about ice-cream in this blog and I’m very much excited. The very first memory of home made ice-cream dates back to my childhood when maa will make ice creams out of mango pulp and milk, pure milk and milk mixed with bournvita  (a health drink), all hand blended and put […]

Rajma Pasta | Red kidney bean Pasta Recipe

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas – Rajma Pasta | Red kidney bean Pasta Recipe

What should I pack for lunch for my kiddo is a day to day and tiring question that comes to every mom’s mind! To give you respite, let me share this amazing Rajma Pasta | Red kidney bean Pasta Recipe that’s only healthy, packed with proteins, carbs and good fat, but also tasty. So much tasty that […]

Kushka Rice With Egg

Kushka Rice With Egg – A daily recipe

Kushka Rice With Egg is a recipe from the pages of South Asian cuisine, especially popular in south India. A rice dish made with aromatic basmati rice, simple spices, clarified butter, it’s quite subtly flavorful! Me being a non-vegetarian, to make the meal more filling I prefer to cook it with eggs. It’s generally served […]

Bhetki Chilli fish with bhetki or barramundi

Chilli fish with bhetki or barramundi

I have been yearning for long to make chilli fish at home with bhetki or barramundi fish. But every time I go to the market, either I have to return with no bhetki at all or some whole bhetki cut into pieces. But mostly with no fillets which I of course need to make Chilli […]

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Prawns are loved by all most all non-vegetarians globally. Prawns are a good low fat protein source and supplies our bodies with Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Today I will share a recipe of grilled prawns in a skewer. Again easy to make and being a hassle free recipe, it can be […]

Broccoli Broccoli curry with coriander leaves

Broccoli curry with coriander leaves

Broccoli is an exotic vegetable which is slowly getting popular in India. Due to it’s numerous health benefits people are putting it more and more into their diet. Broccoli s are green in color and looks much like our own ‘gobi’ i.e. cauliflower. But in reality you will be surprised to know that it actually […]

Grilled Chicken Skewer Recipe

Grilled Chicken Skewer

On the auspicious nabami, when most people are busy standing in long queues in the restaurants across the streets of Bengal, I preferred to pandal hop and come back to serve and relish home served meal this time. And today I made grilled chicken skewer! Hassle free cooking, delicious to eat and above all the […]

Paneer Peshawari paneer

Peshawari Paneer – A creamy delight with cottage cheese !

Peshawari Paneer is a wonderful creamy dish hailing from the Peshawari cuisine. It’s made of cottage cheese or paneer cooked in a gravy of curd / cream / milk and cashew nuts. The recipe below, is extremely easy and produces a flavorful,  tasty and rich in texture dish. Let’s check how I cooked this wonderful […]