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Grilled Prawn Skewer

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Prawns are loved by all most all non-vegetarians globally. Prawns are a good low fat protein source and supplies our bodies with Calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Today I will share a recipe of grilled prawns in a skewer. Again easy to make and being a hassle free recipe, it can be […]

Broccoli Broccoli curry with coriander leaves

Broccoli curry with coriander leaves

Broccoli is an exotic vegetable which is slowly getting popular in India. Due to it’s numerous health benefits people are putting it more and more into their diet. Broccoli s are green in color and looks much like our own ‘gobi’ i.e. cauliflower. But in reality you will be surprised to know that it actually […]

Grilled Chicken Skewer Recipe

Grilled Chicken Skewer

On the auspicious nabami, when most people are busy standing in long queues in the restaurants across the streets of Bengal, I preferred to pandal hop and come back to serve and relish home served meal this time. And today I made grilled chicken skewer! Hassle free cooking, delicious to eat and above all the […]

Paneer Peshawari paneer

Peshawari Paneer – A creamy delight with cottage cheese !

Peshawari Paneer is a wonderful creamy dish hailing from the Peshawari cuisine. It’s made of cottage cheese or paneer cooked in a gravy of curd / cream / milk and cashew nuts. The recipe below, is extremely easy and produces a flavorful,  tasty and rich in texture dish. Let’s check how I cooked this wonderful […]

Baked Pasta

Home made pot of baked pasta !

Pasta as we all know is an Italian dish. Pastas can be made in various methods. There’s the white pasta recipe, pasta in red sauce recipe. One more such recipe is ‘baked pasta’. It’s perfect for a sunny Sunday morning breakfast. Or you can choose to serve your guests this exotic baked pasta and be […]

Cake Carrot coconut cake recipe - healthy version

Carrot coconut cake recipe – healthy version

As a mother and a wife, I always strive to serve healthy food to my family. And when it comes to cakes, I always try to be innovative and discover healthy recipes for cakes. One such recipe to serve a healthy cake is this recipe of mine called ‘Carrot coconut cake recipe – healthy version’. […]

pocket pizza Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets are indeed great snacks. When pizzas are made at home with home made pizza sauce and bases you can feel the least guilty and serve the tasty snack to get loads of applauds from the kids! To satisfy pizza cravings of your kids, do check this simple Pizza pockets Recipe. Total time required for […]

pasta Red pasta recipe step by step

Red pasta recipe step by step

Pasta can be served with white sauce or red sauce. White sauce is generally made of milk and flour (Click here to know the white pasta recipe) while red pasta consists mainly of tomato. Let’s find out a simple ‘Red pasta recipe step by step’ that can be made at home with readily available ingredients […]

vegetable pizza Simple Home made vegetable pizza recipe

Simple Home made vegetable pizza recipe

Kids always crave for pizza and what is more better than baking simple veggie pizza at home and serve them. The smile on their face surely is the brownie point! Make pizza dough and pizza sauce at home. Click on the text to check the recipes. Now check below the Simple Home made vegetable pizza recipe […]

pizza dough

How to make a pizza dough

How to make a pizza dough? For 1 pizza of  8″ diameter, take 2.5 cups of maida (all purpose flour). Add 1 tsp of salt , 2 tsp of oil. Mix. To activate yeast out of dried active yeast box, take 1.5 cups of warm water, add sugar and to it add 1 tbsp of […]