Less oil recipe

Plain dosa recipe

Plain dosa recipe – A boon for weight watchers

In my Bangalore days, I used to stay as a paying guest. On every Friday morning, PG aunty used to serve wonderful plain dosa. Plain and white, minimal use of oil. .. was a boon to me, since I was introduced to weight watching back those days. In fact, I enjoyed standing in a long […]

Easy idli recipe Idli Recipe for soft, fluffy idlis

Idli Recipe for soft, fluffy idlis

If you have been following my blog, you would understand that I have been a huge fan of South Indian food. I remember if my parents were to go shopping in ‘Dakshinapan mall’ in Kolkata, I used to be very happy. Not because my ma and babi would bring us new clothes, but because they […]

Green papaya recipe Raw or green papaya curry recipe

Raw or green papaya curry recipe

Raw papaya is a vegetable with great nutritional benefits but again due to its taste or no taste, people just avoid eating it altogether. Try out this simple Raw or green papaya curry recipe and make your family eat green papaya and stay healthy thereby. The Raw or green papaya curry recipe is surely a recipe with less […]

Beginner's guide to cooking Methi chicken or Fenugreek chicken Recipe

Methi chicken or Fenugreek chicken Recipe

In this post I have shared a step by step recipe for beginners of cooking a ‘Methi chicken or Fenugreek chicken’, a South Indian dish with detailed step by step illustration. Below is the Methi chicken or Fenugreek chicken Recipe. It’s easy to cook and wonderful in its taste. I have used a non-stick pan […]

broken wheat Broken wheat | Dalia with moong dal Recipe

Broken wheat | Dalia with moong dal Recipe

Dalia is nothing but broken wheat which is popular in North India. It’s healthy, tasty and can be made easily in no time. Hence it is a good option as a breakfast and evening snack for kids and a light dinner for weight watchers. And of course for babies above 9 months, it’s a great […]

pressure cooked Pressure cooked soybean

Soya chunk recipe (pressure cooked)

Soya chunk is an important source of protein for the vegetarian people. Infact, soya chunks has higher protein content compared to other sources of protein like meat, milk and others. The pressure cooked method of cooking Soya chunks can be completed in 30 minutes. The recipe is with little oil and is good for vegetarians. […]

brinjal Panch mishali sabji recipe

Panch mishali sabji | 5 vegetables – curry

Panch mishalir torkari is a vegetarian dish of bengalis which is essentially made of 5 different seasonal vegetables with a tampering of 5 phoron  (fennel, cumin, onion seeds, fenugreek seeds and randhuni). Here’s the Panch mishali sabji recipe | 5 vegetables – curry recipe. It’s nice to have with steamed rice and moong dal. It is […]