Mughlai Recipe

chicken recipe Chicken tangri kebab

Chicken tangri kebab

Raise your hands who don’t love kebabs??? I’m sure no hands are raised out there! At restaurants, the variety of kebabs served are really mouth – watering. But it’s easy to make them at home as well. Do you know how to make them? Read more. I’ll share with you the method today. At home, […]

Accompaniments with Biryani Easy and quick biryani gravy or salan with almonds

Easy and quick biryani gravy or salan with almonds

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani in South India, mostly comes with a bowl of biryani salan and Raita. I used to gorge on those wonderful aromatic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani with these wonderful Biryani gravy or salan on Sundays in the restaurant called Paradise in Bangalore. In Kolkata, Aminia, Lazeez, Shiraz are among other Biryani specialists. But in […]

Boneless chicken biryani Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken Tikka Biryani

India’s Global Kitchen Blog is inundated with several Chicken biryani recipes now. I thought why not yet another one? So many varieties of Biryani can be actually cooked, each with it’s own characteristics and flavour! This Chicken Tikka Biryani is a mess free biryani recipe I felt and is cooked in less time. Instead of […]

Chicken biryani recipes

Chicken Dum Biryani with curd

  Well, I jotted down the Chicken Dum Biryani with curd recipe on my 6th marriage anniversary. But still it was sitting under drafts recipe. So without further delay I wish to post it. I love experimenting lots of Biryani dishes varying and controlling the ingredients. So this one is cooked following Dum method and […]

chicken recipe Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma

Today’s my birthday and the day had been hectic at office. So I wanted to cook myself some wonderful dinner that I can enjoy with my family in the comfort of home. “Something rich?”, I asked, “Yes”, He confirmed. So over the phone we decided let it be chicken korma and vegetable pulao today. I […]

Rich Indian chicken gravy dish ;

Tar kalia – A rich chicken gravy dish

I am an avid reader of medival aged recipes. Lately I have been reading Awadhi cuisine recipes and a book consisting of recipes from the Royal kitchen of the maharajas. The subtle techniques for enhancing the flavour of a particular dish mesmerises me. At the same time, in today’s world time is a luxury and […]

Awadhi cuisine Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg

I have been really intrigued by this recipe I found in an Awadhi cuisine book and it’s called Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg. So today I decided to serve the same for lunch. It will be accompanied by plain rice. The recipe of Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg is in reality mind blowing […]

mutton recipe Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani is a one pot meal that’s superb in taste. It’s greatly aromatic rice, the richness in taste due to mutton is unparalleled to most of the dishes. I have shared an easy home made chicken biryani recipe earlier in my blog. That’s a shortcut for sure. But it’s taste comes out awesome! […]

Dal sultani

Dal sultani in a pressure cooker – my way

Dal sultani is an Awadhi Dal or lentil recipe. Split pigeon pea lentils are used to cook this Dal. Dal sultani definitely tastes the best when charcoal over beetle leaf is used in the cooking process. But we all do not feel comfortable with charcoal procedure at home. So today’s recipe is inspired by Dal sultani […]

Mutton rezala

Pressure cooked Mutton rezala in 20 minutes

Today is my husband’s birthday and I had to cook 5 types of vegetable fries, biuli dal, Shorshe Ilish  (Hilsa in mustard seed paste) and Mutton rezala for lunch. And I had to be super fast as well since I had to look after my daughter, have some other tasks too. So I decided to […]