Mutton recipe

Bengali cuisine Shahi Mutton Curry

Shahi Mutton Curry

I made mutton today in yet another style with mutton fried in a kadai. After the mutton is caramalised in kadai, we add fried onion juliens, shahi garam masala on top and then cooked in pressure cooker until its soft. The colour of the curry came out as intended. All thanks to the shahi garam […]

bengali mutton curry

My mutton curry recipe with dried fenugreek leaves

Sunday’s menu has always been special for our family. And it’s all the more important now since all other days of the week I cook for the family in a jiffy and focusing on their health needs. After all, cooking takes a lot of your time on palate and when you are a working mom […]

Kashmiri Rogan josh | Rogan gosht

Kashmiri Rogan josh | Rogan gosht

I am super-excited today to share the recipe of Kashmiri Rogan josh | Rogan gosht I experimented in my kitchen. If you search the Internet, you will find too many versions of the recipe. But I wanted to recreate something that’s as per the traditional  kashmiri cuisine. Before we proceed towards the recipe, let’s have a […]

bengali mutton curry Mutton kosha

The recipe of my mutton kosha !

Today’s my sister’s pre-wedding day and few of our close friends and family have already arrived to make the occasion all the more merrier. For the evening, the charge of cooking was bestowed on me and I was happier, excited as well as nervous. Feeding 25 people was a mammoth task for me. I have […]

mutton recipe Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani is a one pot meal that’s superb in taste. It’s greatly aromatic rice, the richness in taste due to mutton is unparalleled to most of the dishes. I have shared an easy home made chicken biryani recipe earlier in my blog. That’s a shortcut for sure. But it’s taste comes out awesome! […]

Mutton rezala

Pressure cooked Mutton rezala in 20 minutes

Today is my husband’s birthday and I had to cook 5 types of vegetable fries, biuli dal, Shorshe Ilish  (Hilsa in mustard seed paste) and Mutton rezala for lunch. And I had to be super fast as well since I had to look after my daughter, have some other tasks too. So I decided to […]

mutton recipe Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Mutanjan is a sweet rice recipe derived from the pages of Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe includes mutton as well. It can serve as a  one pot meal and your guests would surely enjoy eating this dish. You can put potatoes to the dish and make the meal more filling. I made this dish lightly spiced […]

Mutton kosha recipe - Mutton-er jhal jhol

Mutton kosha recipe – Mutton-er jhal jhol

A plate of mutton cooked nicely can win your enemy’s heart too. It’s richness is its unique selling point. My ‘Mutton kosha recipe – Mutton-er jhal jhol ‘ is essentially a bengali ‘kosha mangsho’ with a little more ‘jhol’ so as to enjoy with a plate full of steamed rice. Total cooking time for ‘Mutton […]