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Egg butter masala Egg makhani | Egg Butter masala

Egg makhani | Egg Butter masala

Eggs are the easiest available, best source of protein. It’s recommended to consume an egg a day. Though boiled egg is the best choice, for foodies it’s a big ‘NO’ if served everyday. They need variations….. There’s a few recipe of eggs in my blog like Sour egg curry, Kushka Rice.  But today I am going […]

Kadai chicken

An easy recipe of Kadai chicken

Kadai chicken is  popular recipe in Northern parts of India. Today being the 1st day of the year 2018, I planned to cook something tasty for dinner. The lunch had been too simple today as yesterday was a roof – top picnic day for us with bon-fire! So the dinner was a late one and […]

Dal sultani

Dal sultani in a pressure cooker – my way

Dal sultani is an Awadhi Dal or lentil recipe. Split pigeon pea lentils are used to cook this Dal. Dal sultani definitely tastes the best when charcoal over beetle leaf is used in the cooking process. But we all do not feel comfortable with charcoal procedure at home. So today’s recipe is inspired by Dal sultani […]

Paneer makhani - Cottage cheese

Easy Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe

Paneer makhani is a North Indian dish, which is made of cottage cheese (paneer) and a gravy of tomato, cashew and other powdered spices. Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe here is an extremely easy and quick recipe. With very little time in hand, if you wish to cook something good for all, do try this […]

Kashmri dum aloo recipe

Kashmiri dum aloo recipe

Kashmiri dum aloo is a popular dish in Northern parts of India. In Bengal we have our aloor dum which is a potato dish made in a rich curry of onion – ginger –  garlic etc. Unlike bengali aloor dum, we can say kashmiri dum aloo is a total ‘niramish aloor dum’ as we do […]

Cumin rice Jeera rice | Cumin rice

Simple Jeera rice | Cumin rice recipe

Rice is consumed all over the world. Rice has numerous health benefits as well. Rice provides instant energy, controls blood pressure, provides vitamins and minerals, treats constipation. There are plenty of yummy rice recipes in India. Be it with a vegetable pulao (sweet corn and peas pulao), a rice recipe with mutton (mutton mutanjan) or […]

mutton recipe Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe

Mutanjan is a sweet rice recipe derived from the pages of Kashmiri cuisine. Kashmiri Mutanjan Recipe includes mutton as well. It can serve as a  one pot meal and your guests would surely enjoy eating this dish. You can put potatoes to the dish and make the meal more filling. I made this dish lightly spiced […]

Batore Bhature Recipe Healthy Version

Bhature Recipe Healthy Version

Bhature is an Indian bread usually eaten with chole or chickpeas or kabuli chana curry. Chole Bhature is a nice street food in North India and is consumed for breakfasts as well. Here I am sharing the Bhature Recipe Healthy Version. Though bhatures are made nicely with maida or all purpose flour, to make the […]

chane ki sabzi Chole recipe or chickpea curry recipe

Chole recipe or chickpea curry recipe

Chickpea or Kabuli chana or Chole are nutritious and has been beneficial against diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure and are good for bone health. They are a good sources of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. Chickpeas can be  used to make Chane or Kabuli chana curry, which are generally served with bhature or puri. Find out […]

gatte ki subzi Pasta in white sauce by Deboleena Mandal

Gatte ki sabzi Recipe| Gram flour dumplings in curd based gravy

Gatte ki subzi is a Rajasthani delicacy, which is spicy and mouth-watering. Gattes are gram flour dumplings. It’s prepared in a curd base. Let’s check my  ‘Gatte ki sabzi Recipe| Gram flour dumplings in curd based gravy ‘Recipe. Total cooking time of ‘Gatte ki sabzi Recipe| Gram flour dumplings in curd based gravy ‘Recipe : 1 […]