North Indian Recipe

Chicken Bharta Recipe

Chicken Bharta Recipe

In my blog ‘India’s Global Kitchen’, I have been posting several recipes of chicken that’s quite popular across India. Today I will share a much popular North Indian Chicken Recipe that’s made with minced chicken and called ‘  Chicken Bharta ‘. The recipe has been given a few tweaks by me and the end product […]

Cottage cheese Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese

Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese

Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese is a very popular dish in North India. It’s made of paneer or cottage cheese cooked in a puree of Spinach. Spinach is a very nutrient rich green and we all should consume it regularly. Iron content of Spinach is very high. This recipe is a good way […]

Arhar dal recipe Khatti dal

Khatti dal with split pigeon pea lentil

Khatti dal with split pigeon pea lentil is an awesome recipe that I came across a recipe book of Lucknawi cuisine gharana. The Khatti dal is made with arhar dal also known as Toor dal or split pigeon pea lentil. These days I feel so ecstatic to find new wonderful rich recipes of dal. In our home, […]

breakfast recipe Rajasthani baati from oven

Rajasthani baati from oven and aloo chokha

From the picture what do you guess it is? What? Litti chokha? ? Nopes. Chokha Baati it is. Now you may wonder on what part of the earth can you find it out? Well, it’s in my kitchen. I made baati and chokha today for breakfast. Baati is from Rajasthani cuisine and chokha is adapted […]

Awadhi cuisine Chicken do piyaza

Chicken do piyaza

Chicken do piyaza is an Awadhi preparation of chicken that’s made with onions added twice in the whole process. And hence the name ‘do piyaza’. Though in some places it is documented that you cook chicken with another vegetable in do piyaza dishes. Here in this recipe I followed the process of adding onions twice. […]

Rich Indian chicken gravy dish ;

Tar kalia – A rich chicken gravy dish

I am an avid reader of medival aged recipes. Lately I have been reading Awadhi cuisine recipes and a book consisting of recipes from the Royal kitchen of the maharajas. The subtle techniques for enhancing the flavour of a particular dish mesmerises me. At the same time, in today’s world time is a luxury and […]

Biuli Dal Mah di dal | Kaali dal | Black lentil

Mah di dal | Kaali dal | Black lentil

Today’s recipe is Mah di dal | Kaali dal | Black lentil. It’s essentially a North Indian punjabi khana. Traditionally it’s slow cooked. But in modern day scenario, we rarely have the luxury of time. In an attempt to keep the flavours of a typical Punjabi Mah di dal | Kaali dal | Black lentil intact, I […]

Prawn biryani Prawn Biryani

A simple prawn biryani recipe

Biryanis are a regular affair now a days in most of the households. Variations of recipes are vast indeed. In my blog I have already shared a simple recipe of homemade Biryani, malai chicken Biryani, Mutton Dum Biryani and many more. Today I will share my prawn Biryani recipe with you all. This prawn biryani […]

Awadhi cuisine Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg

I have been really intrigued by this recipe I found in an Awadhi cuisine book and it’s called Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg. So today I decided to serve the same for lunch. It will be accompanied by plain rice. The recipe of Nargisi Kofta with minced chicken and egg is in reality mind blowing […]

Amritsari pindi chole Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry

Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry

Today’s recipe is Amritsari chole | Black spicy chickpea curry. It’s a chickpea or chole recipe that’s signature is its black color or dark hue. It can be served with steamed rice or puri. Chickpeas to mention, are a wonderful source of protein. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.Its good for bone health, diabetes, […]