Paneer/Soy/Mushroom Recipes

Paneer Peshawari paneer

Peshawari Paneer – A creamy delight with cottage cheese !

Peshawari Paneer is a wonderful creamy dish hailing from the Peshawari cuisine. It’s made of cottage cheese or paneer cooked in a gravy of curd / cream / milk and cashew nuts. The recipe below, is extremely easy and produces a flavorful,  tasty and rich in texture dish. Let’s check how I cooked this wonderful […]

Paneer makhani - Cottage cheese

Easy Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe

Paneer makhani is a North Indian dish, which is made of cottage cheese (paneer) and a gravy of tomato, cashew and other powdered spices. Paneer makhani – Cottage cheese recipe here is an extremely easy and quick recipe. With very little time in hand, if you wish to cook something good for all, do try this […]

Fried momo Paneer momo recipe

Posto Paneer momo recipe

Momos serve as tasty evening snacks and can be found in several outlets in shopping malls and even at several roadside food shops and stalls. Momos are parcels of all purpose flour or maida and have a ‘pur’ or filling inside it. The filling or pur can be of different ingredients. For vegetarians, you can […]

mushroom recipe Mushroom masala recipe

Mushroom masala recipe

Mushrooms are essentially vegetables and is quite popular in human diet since ages. It can be cooked in several ways. I am going to share the Mushroom masala recipe here. As like other recipes of mine, I always, try to simplify the preparation of a dish, this Mushroom masala recipe is not an exception and can […]

Chhanar kopta Chanar kopta | Home made cottage cheese curry | Malai Kofta Curry

Chanar kopta | Home made cottage cheese curry | Malai kofta curry

 Chanar kopta | Home made cottage cheese curry | Malai kofta curry is a side dish popular in North India as well as Bengali households. It is served with roti, parantha or rice. In this recipe, I have used paneer or cottage cheese made at home. Paneer is a good source of protein, folates and […]

Chana How to make paneer or cottage cheese at home

How to make paneer or cottage cheese at home

In my childhood, I remember ma making cottage cheese or paneers at home. We seldom used to buy them in packets from grocery stores. But later, as our lives got busier, that tradition of making cottage cheese at home, died a slow death. Lately, almost every now & then, I get bothered by news of […]

pressure cooked Pressure cooked soybean

Soya chunk recipe (pressure cooked)

Soya chunk is an important source of protein for the vegetarian people. Infact, soya chunks has higher protein content compared to other sources of protein like meat, milk and others. The pressure cooked method of cooking Soya chunks can be completed in 30 minutes. The recipe is with little oil and is good for vegetarians. […]