Pressure cooked recipe

Pressure cooked chicken Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipe

Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipe

Pressure cooker chicken recipe with potatoes is an easy rapid recipe that can help you serve chicken with steamed rice in as less as 30 minutes. In days when you are super tired but still your tummy craves for a filling, tasty meal, this recipe serves the purpose. The taste comes out awesome. I learnt cooking […]

broken wheat Broken wheat | Dalia with moong dal Recipe

Broken wheat | Dalia with moong dal Recipe

Dalia is nothing but broken wheat which is popular in North India. It’s healthy, tasty and can be made easily in no time. Hence it is a good option as a breakfast and evening snack for kids and a light dinner for weight watchers. And of course for babies above 9 months, it’s a great […]

pressure cooked Pressure cooked soybean

Soya chunk recipe (pressure cooked)

Soya chunk is an important source of protein for the vegetarian people. Infact, soya chunks has higher protein content compared to other sources of protein like meat, milk and others. The pressure cooked method of cooking Soya chunks can be completed in 30 minutes. The recipe is with little oil and is good for vegetarians. […]