Roti & Rice recipes

100% atta bread recipe Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Whole wheat flour brown bread | Atta Bread

Baking is surely therapeutic. My favorite pass time or leisure activity. Baking with flour or maida is all about that authentic flavour and taste but dealing with atta or whole wheat flour while baking is tricky yet that’s a better choice when it comes to our health, no doubt on it. Previously, I shared a […]

bengali dish Bhoger Khichdi | Hautch Pautch | Moong moosurer khichudi

Bhoger khichudi | Bengali style khichdi recipe | Moong Moosurer Khichudi | Niramish Khichudi

Well, today’s recipe is Bhoger khichudi | Bengali style khichdi | Moong Moosurer Khichudi recipe | Niramish Khichudi and no, today we don’t have any puja in our home but it’s lockdown day. Maa over the phone asked me to cook Bhoger khichudi | Bengali style khichdi recipe for lunch, since it would be easy […]

Chicken biryani recipes

Chicken Dum Biryani with curd

  Well, I jotted down the Chicken Dum Biryani with curd recipe on my 6th marriage anniversary. But still it was sitting under drafts recipe. So without further delay I wish to post it. I love experimenting lots of Biryani dishes varying and controlling the ingredients. So this one is cooked following Dum method and […]

Egg roll

Healthy Multigrain atta Egg Roll Recipe

Today’s Saturday, and during this lockdown phase I had only cooked simple veggie meals so far… A simple mid week snack in the form of “aloo chips” was served to the family, and nothing fancy this week was prepared. Reason being of course, limited rationing and lack of time in hand since with no maid […]

Basanti Pulao Basanti Pulao

Bengal’s Basanti Pulao – a sweet yellow aromatic pulao

  After a long wait I finally tried my hands on this bengali delicacy called Basanti Pulao. Basanti Pulao is a very common part in a typical bengali celebration like rice ceremony, marriage parties or birthday parties. In some households it’s a regular Sunday lunch affair along with mutton kosha, chicken kosha, butter chicken, paneer makhani, egg makhni […]

Bread recipe Quick sweet eggless bread recipe

Quick sweet eggless bread recipe

Many a times, moms of picky eaters wonder what new can be given to their  kids for their lunch boxes. Kids really want exciting stuff in their lunch boxes. Else, be prepared to get the box as it is back to home. Don’t fret over it, I have brought a solution for the wonder moms […]

chicken Chicken pulao recipe

Chicken Pulao – A one pot meal solution!

Chicken pulao is a quite popular dish across the Indian subcontinent. Talk about chicken pulao recipe and you can have many recipes coming your way. Each tastes definitely awesome but varies distinctively in their flavors due to the ingredients added. I will share my recipe of chicken pulao here, which is kind of savory and […]

mutton recipe Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani

Mutton dum biryani is a one pot meal that’s superb in taste. It’s greatly aromatic rice, the richness in taste due to mutton is unparalleled to most of the dishes. I have shared an easy home made chicken biryani recipe earlier in my blog. That’s a shortcut for sure. But it’s taste comes out awesome! […]

Cumin rice Jeera rice | Cumin rice

Simple Jeera rice | Cumin rice recipe

Rice is consumed all over the world. Rice has numerous health benefits as well. Rice provides instant energy, controls blood pressure, provides vitamins and minerals, treats constipation. There are plenty of yummy rice recipes in India. Be it with a vegetable pulao (sweet corn and peas pulao), a rice recipe with mutton (mutton mutanjan) or […]

Rice recipe Sweet corn and peas pulao

Sweet corn and peas pulao

In India, there’s several kinds of pulao made! One such pulao much popular in southern parts of India is Peas Pulao. Here, in this Sweet corn and peas pulao, however, I incorporated green peas as well as yellow sweet corns, which makes the dish more healthy, more colorful and much flavorful. Sweet corn and peas pulao […]