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Chicken biryani Easy Home Made Chicken Biriyani Recipe

Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe

A pot of biryani is surely a dose of happiness! Be it religious festivals or celebrations or get together,  this one pot meal is surely a winner food with all its aroma, flavor and richness. There are several elaborate ways of making biryanis as there are numerous kinds of biryanis available all over the world. […]

Khichudi Mixed dal khidchi Recipe

Mixed dal khidchi Recipe

In childhood, when it would pour cats and dogs, all windows closed, tubelights on during the day, waterlogged streets compelled us to stay indoor.  All bored. Only pitter patter sounds of incessant rains.  But all smiling face it would be, when ma  would break the news that there’s ‘khichudi’ or khichdi cooking in the kitchen. […]