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Neem aloo begun| Neem potato brinjal

First of all pardon me as the photo that I took might not be pleasing to your eyes, but that’s taken right in the kitchen, straight after cooking. Okay, now the monologue 😂 Neem aloo begun is a very very simple Bengali dish that’s served in the beginning of the meal. With goodness of neem, […]

Bengali recipe Mocha recipe - Mochar torkari | Plaintain flower curry

Mocha recipe – Mochar torkari | Plaintain flower curry

Most of us might have seen a mocha or ‘Plaintain flower’, purple and big, they are. They are banana flowers and are consumed as a vegetable. You can make delicious vegetable curries with these mochas or plaintain flower. Before we delve into knowing the mocha recipe, let’s check some nutritional facts of these wonder flowers. […]

Fritters Homemade crispy potato chips

Kifayti Snacks: Homemade Crispy potato chips

My Facebook and Instagram is all filled with delicious homemade food, all made during this Corona lockdown phase! It feels so nice more so, as people have taken it seriously and in their stride. Hopefully, we win against this monster soon and we get back to normal pace of life ASAP. So few interesting food […]

Bramhi saag Bramhi saag with pumpkin

Bramhi saag with pumpkin

As dear hubby had harvested a few Bramhi saag in our balcony garden, I thought of cooking it today. I had a piece of pumkin with me which I thought would be the best vegetable to be cooked with the saag. Bramhi saag has got innumerous health benefits like controlling of blood sugar, treating anxiety, […]

Cottage cheese Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese

Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese

Palang Paneer | Spinach & Cottage cheese is a very popular dish in North India. It’s made of paneer or cottage cheese cooked in a puree of Spinach. Spinach is a very nutrient rich green and we all should consume it regularly. Iron content of Spinach is very high. This recipe is a good way […]

bhog recipe

Bhoger niramish aloor dum | Dum aloo recipe without onion garlic

Bhoger niramish aloor dum | Dum aloo recipe without onion garlic is a potato recipe cooked in a gravy of tomato and ginger mainly. Generally, Lakshmi puja and Saraswati puja are celebrated in almost every bengali household elaborately. During the pujas, we serve Bhoger niramish aloor dum along with luchi (puri). We consider, garlic and […]

breakfast recipe Garlic mashed potato

Garlic mashed potato – The Classic English Side Dish

Today’s recipe is “Garlic mashed potato”. The classic mashed potato and bread! Or Mashed potato and grilled fish…. In the west it’s a popular dish in their menu during occassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though it would not be fair to draw a parallel with bengal’s own ‘alu sheddho’ a basic, simple recipe of boiled […]

Bengali cuisine Yellow Chowmein

Yellow chowmein with flavours of Indian cuisine

Back in the 80s – 90s when I grew up, chowmein used to be a special food for us. We didn’t have pastas, maggi so rampant as they are now. What we found delicious and somewhat modern were plates of chowmein. Yellow, brown, white and red. Maa used to cook chowmein in different colors. Today […]

Bengali cuisine Centella asiatica Fritters | Thankuni pata bora | Gotu kola fritters

Centella asiatica Fritters | Thankuni pata bora | Gotu kola fritters

Now that it’s rainy season here in Kolkata, you can see Centella asiatica or Thankuni pata in abundance across fields. What’s this thankuni pata by the way? Well it’s  a medicinal herb that grows in wet lands. It’s used in the treatment of bacterial infections, cholera, Urinary tract disease,  tuberculosis, and is also recommended for […]

Bengali cuisine Kachkola Ilish | Hilsa with plantain

Kachkola Ilish | Hilsa with plantain

  Today’s recipe is Kachkola Ilish | Hilsa with plantain. Hilsa being my favourite, I yearn for rainy season all throughout the year. And when it’s finally arrived, we all enjoy Hilsa in most of the meals. Rice and Hilsa… that’s it! It being commonly served in meals mostly during monsoons, Hilsa recipe again needs variations. […]