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Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari

Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari

Cabbage with lentil dumplings and prawns | Bandhakopir torkari is a brilliant bengali vegetable dish. Since winter is near, the market will get overloaded with cabbages – a winter speciality. Try this cabbage recipe of mine with prawns and bori (lentil dumplings) and do let me know how good it came out. It’s one of […]

Cauliflower Bengali cauliflower curry | Fulkopir torkari

Bengali cauliflower curry | Fulkopir torkari

Days in my childhood were really simple. Duck tales, chitrahaar, water stickers, lock and key, stone – paper – scissor – all simple games, simple TV program. Globalization was just setting in. People used to find enjoyment in simple chats, face to face meet and picnics and of course by sipping morning tea from bone […]

Labda / Labra Torkari

Bhog special – Labda / Labra Torkari | Mixed vegetable curry

Labda / Labra Torkari is a bengali delicacy that’s an integral part of bhog, the food served to God during worship. Khichudi (cooked with rice and lentils), Labda / labra is a  wonderful combination and bengalis love having this generally for lunch during the puja days, be it Durga puja, Kali puja, Saraswati or Lakshmi […]

Kashmri dum aloo recipe

Kashmiri dum aloo recipe

Kashmiri dum aloo is a popular dish in Northern parts of India. In Bengal we have our aloor dum which is a potato dish made in a rich curry of onion – ginger –  garlic etc. Unlike bengali aloor dum, we can say kashmiri dum aloo is a total ‘niramish aloor dum’ as we do […]

Rice recipe Sweet corn and peas pulao

Sweet corn and peas pulao

In India, there’s several kinds of pulao made! One such pulao much popular in southern parts of India is Peas Pulao. Here, in this Sweet corn and peas pulao, however, I incorporated green peas as well as yellow sweet corns, which makes the dish more healthy, more colorful and much flavorful. Sweet corn and peas pulao […]

Baked Pasta

Home made pot of baked pasta !

Pasta as we all know is an Italian dish. Pastas can be made in various methods. There’s the white pasta recipe, pasta in red sauce recipe. One more such recipe is ‘baked pasta’. It’s perfect for a sunny Sunday morning breakfast. Or you can choose to serve your guests this exotic baked pasta and be […]

Kolmi saag recipe | Water spinach recipe

Kolmi saag recipe | Water spinach recipe

In our daily diet, we often miss out on healthy greens and vegetables. And one such green is ‘water spinach’ or Kolmi saag or kalmi saag. Saag in general provides us with lots of minerals, vitamins and folates. So do enhance your daily green vegetables  intake. Here I am sharing a lovely Kolmi saag recipe | […]

Potol mishti recipe

Potol mishti recipe

Time for some desserts. It’s been long that we discussed something ‘sweet’. Yes, here we shall discuss about mishti ! As I always try to bring to you recipes which are healthy, why not prepare healthy sweets as well. Well, what if we serve a vegetable in the form of mishti ?! It would be […]

mushroom recipe Mushroom masala recipe

Mushroom masala recipe

Mushrooms are essentially vegetables and is quite popular in human diet since ages. It can be cooked in several ways. I am going to share the Mushroom masala recipe here. As like other recipes of mine, I always, try to simplify the preparation of a dish, this Mushroom masala recipe is not an exception and can […]

Chutney Papaya chutney recipe - spicy

Papaya chutney recipe – spicy

Raw papayas or green papayas are wonderful vegetable and a great source of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E and folate. Hence, do make it a point to include raw or green papayas in your diet. You can cook, a curry of  raw papaya (click to know the recipe). Or make your family eat raw […]