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30s skin care for Indian Skin

My basic skincare routine

Before I start writing about basic skincare routine, here’s a quick disclaimer. I am not a beauty expert and I am going to share only what I have understood by reading about beauty regime a lot and also from my past experience. To follow us on facebook, please click here. Beauty lies in the eyes of […]

How to declutter home

The art of tidying up home..

Tidying up for a few of us is a mammoth task but for the rest it’s just an effortless task. And the difference in perspective lies in the way of our life. Discipline is what it takes to keep our home tidy and beautiful always. In today’s post I will discuss about the importance of […]

a sample bengali meal Bangalir Khawa Dawa | A sample bengali meal | Non-veg Bengali Thali

Bangalir Khawa Dawa | A sample bengali meal | Non-veg Bengali Thali

Are you hosting a Sunday brunch for your Bengali in-laws or friends? Well to start with Bengalis are a food loving community. Their lives revolve around their meals (khawa dawa) undoubtedly, me being a bengali can vouch on this. Apart from their eternal love of fish and sweets (rosogulla), they are in reality a voracious […]

baking soda as cleansing agent environmental friendly living | Go Green

My latest life adaptations towards an environmental friendly living | Go Green

When I turned from a full time working mom to a stay at home mom, I decided to cut on stress in our day to day lives. I thought of moving towards  a much healthier lifestyle that not only ensures better health but an overall well being of my family. In the zeal, actually we […]

Benefits of indoor plants money plant

A gift to myself – the Money Plant

For the past few days it was raining incessantly. Result was we being bogged down by influenza,  getting home locked due to water logging on roads. Balcony was over crowded with wet clothes. A pile of clothes waiting in the laundry bag to get washed. But alas! The Sun has not been seen for long […]

Kashi Tour | Benaras Tour | Varanasi Tour

Kashi Tour | Benaras Tour | Varanasi Tour

Enters the train Howrah – Jodhpur Express at Howrah station. Clock struck 11:40 pm and the train started it’s journey. Our destination – Benaras / Varanasi / Kashi, India ( Kashi Tour | Benaras Tour | Varanasi Tour ). Crossing parts of Bengal (Asansol), Bihar(Gaya), we entered Uttar Pradesh, the state to which Varanasi belongs!  […]