Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe

Easy Home Made Chicken Biriyani Recipe

A pot of biryani is surely a dose of happiness! Be it religious festivals or celebrations or get together,  this one pot meal is surely a winner food with all its aroma, flavor and richness. There are several elaborate ways of making biryanis as there are numerous kinds of biryanis available all over the world. The Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe I am sharing with you is definitely the easiest and the simplest one and can be made in about 1.5 hours exclusive of marination time.

Ingredients for Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe for 3 people:

1. 6 chicken leg pieces

2. 1 big potato cut into 4 pieces

3. 3 eggs boiled

4. 2 big one onions cut into thin circular slices

5. A mixture of ginger (1.5 “) garlic(12 cloves) paste

6. A paste of turmeric(1 tsp) and lemon juice(1/2 lemon)

7. Salt

8. Paste of 6 Tamarind seeds(remove seeds)

9. 1 cup beaten curd

10. 1 dry chilly

11. 1 tsp chilly powder

12. Refined Oil

13. Whole spices:

1/4th broken Nutmeg, Mace 3, black and green cardamoms(1 & 6), cinnamon(2 sticks), black and white pepper(6 & 2), 7 cloves, 1 bay leaf

14. Powdered Masala – 2 to 3 tsp

Nutmeg, Mace, black and green cardamoms, cinnamon, black and white pepper, white and black cumin, cloves

15. Paste of 1 tomato

16. 2.5 cups of basmati rice

17. 2 star anise

18. 1 cup of cashew and raisins

The Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe (method):

1. Marinate chicken pieces with curd, tamarind, turmeric lime paste, chilly powder, salt, 1 tbsp of grinded spices for at least 1 hour in refrigerator

2. Fry the potato pieces till golden brown on all sides. Keep aside

3. Heat oil for deep frying of onion slices. Keep aside

4. In the same oil (need enough oil), put half of the whole spices, 1 red chilly, bay leaf

5. Now drop in the tomato paste and stir for 1 minute

6. Drop into the wok, chicken pieces and let it cook for sometime with lid covered

7. After sometime, put the rest of the marinate and 3 cups of hot water into the pan. Drop fried potato pieces. Stir and cover cook till chicken pieces and potatoes are done

8. Sprinkle rest of grinded spices. Stir and cover cook for 2 more minutes. Switch off the flame. There should be enough gravy left

9. Heat water in rice vessel with rest of whole spices and star anise. Let it come to boiling point. Now drop in pre soaked rice, cashew and raisins and let the rice boil for sometime. Switch off the flame. Drain water and spread rice on a plate. Rice should not be over cooked at all.

10. Now take a deep pot. Put a layer of rice. Sprinkle few fried onions. Put some chicken gravy, 1 potatoes, 2 chicken pieces

11. Repeat 2 more layers on top in the same manner

12. Drop in 3 boiled eggs. Close lid and shake lightly

Your pot of happiness is ready to be served with Raita and a dollop of ghee as a topping(optional)

Snapshot for Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe:

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