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environmental friendly living | Go Green

When I turned from a full time working mom to a stay at home mom, I decided to cut on stress in our day to day lives. I thought of moving towards  a much healthier lifestyle that not only ensures better health but an overall well being of my family. In the zeal, actually we adapted a more environment friendly living | Go Green as well. We understood the importance of preserving our mother nature in its kindest form. And yes the pros of adapting such lifestyle definitely includes some guaranteed extra savings in your pocket. Now who does not love to reap all these benefits ! So read more of my story of how I adapted my lifestyle towards being a ‘Go green’ supporter.






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Consuming more of healthy home cooked food:

So much toxins around, specially in food, the very first step that I took was to cut down on fast food. Many a times, recipes call for using vinegar, ajina moto, stuff loaded with impermissible limits of mono sodium glutamate and many others. I decided to replace all these toxic ingredients with healthy ingredients. Though the taste definitely does not come out to be the same, still the food does not come out to be bad. They are delicious in their own rights! For example, for recipes, like chilly chicken or chilly fish, it calls for using vinegar for marination. Then again vinegar is carcinogenic! I replaced it with lemon juice. It works fine in this case. When you are cooking for your family, you can always control the amount of sugar, salt added to the dishes. Some people have issues with high blood pressure. You can customise their food with less amount of salt. For members of the family, you can skip adding sugar in food altogether. I started making healthy food that can be made in lesser span of time with healthy ingredients. In the process, my blog ‘India’s Global Kitchen‘ was born 😊 Also I prefer making my own paneer (cottage cheese), condensed milk, jams etc. They turn out to be fresh and economical as well.

Also I tried to cook three times a day to assure the freshness of the food we consume. Anyways, I can write pages on this topic of having healthy food, which is not my purpose out here. May be, I can write a post later on it






Using cloth or jute bags for environmental friendly living | Go Green India:

One of the greatest abuse we hurl at our mother nature is by using plastic bags. It does not get decomposed. It chokes drainage systems as well, causing water logging on streets on occasions of medium rainfall. Environmental activists have though approached civic bodies to sought help on banning plastic bag usage. But the convenience of using them often persists many of us to use them. Many grocery outlets offer to provide hand woven cloth bags or less micron plastic bags at a cost between 2 to 6 INR. But to buy them each time you go for grocery shopping is a sheer waste of money. Suppose I go to shopping for groceries 16 times a month, my monthly expenses on these environmental friendly bags would be 6 × 16  = 96 INR. My suggestion is to use jute or cloth bags instead. Like I bought these cloth bags online made by ‘Kanvas katha‘. They are sturdy and beautiful to carry. They can bear loads and people do ask me about my bag! (I genuinely like these bags). Investment done on these bags have already been recovered and it’s standing the test of time. It’s washable as well



You may find some cute cloth bags here:






Using solar lamps for environmental friendly living | Go Green India:

Now this solar lamp is a great addition to my family. Though I live in a small apartment, I have a very airy balcony which remains brightened up by sunlight for most of the time around the year. I can store solar energy into the photo voltaic cells of the solar lamp. When needed I can use it instead of electric bulbs. I procured this from an online store. This solar lamps help me save electricity and reduces my electric bill as well. Using sustainable renewable sources of energy is a great way to show love to the human community as well. All I need to do is a one time investment in the solar lamp and recharging it in the Sun often.


You may find some solar lamps from links below:


Including indoor plants for environmental friendly living | Go Green India:

Since I live in an apartment I don’t have the scope for outdoor gardening. Indoor gardening is what I planned for. Till now, I have planted three different plants in small pots. The holy basil plant and aloe vera decors my balcony. I have kept a money plant in my kitchen area on the counter top. The indoor plants not only enhances the beauty of your rooms, the greenery has a soothing and calming effect on your mind as well. The plants purify the indoor air as well. I water these plants first thing in the morning. They help me stay connected to nature amidst all stress and hustle bustle of life!


You may order some indoor plants online for environmental friendly living | Go Green India.  A few links below:







Using Soapnuts or Reetha for laundry for environmental friendly living | Go Green India:

As we all know the cloth detergents contain loads of harmful chemicals. They are toxic for us. Switching to Reetha or soapnuts are a sure shot way to eliminate such adverse effects. These soap nuts are bio degradable as well. I keep the soapnuts soaked in water overnight. Now I bring the water containing soapnuts to boil and boil it for further for ten minutes. Let it cool down. Sieve it out and pour the liquid into a bottle. I generally store it for 2 weeks. In the bottle, add lemon juice as well. Lemon leaves a fresh odour in our clothes. While washing clothes, pour a capful of the liquid into the bucket. Fill it  with water. You can see lathers generated. Now soak clothes as usual and wash them. Soapnuts are available abundantly in nature. They contain saponil which causes the ability to generate lather and hence wash clothes. This soapnut liquid is surely natural and toxin free. You can reuse them as well. Though I prefer discarding the used ones after 48 hours.Its gentle and not harsh for clothes thus increasing their longetivity.

Honestly speaking, I have not discarded using the normal detergent powders for washing clothes till now. For outside clothes, I do use packaged detergent liquids or powders. But for daily clothes that we wear in our homes, the soapnut liquid is surely a bliss. Each soapnut costs me a rupee and I use 6 – 8 in a big bowl of water. The liquid lasts well for 2 weeks for my family of three.I find a kind of freshness in my clothes after I wash them with soap nut liquid. The clothes feel really soft

Soapnuts can be used for washing hair also. Again, I have not mastered the art of using it on my hair effectively though. Once I am successful, I shall share you the details







Using baking soda and lemon juice as cleansing agent for environmental friendly living | Go Green India:

Likewise, for my stainless steel kitchen sink, granite kitchen counter top and inside of refrigerator using baking soda is quite effective for cleaning activities. I spray baking soda powder on the surface, use a wet cloth and spread it all over and leave it for 5 – 10 minutes. Then again, using water and a piece of cloth, I wipe the surfaces. It gives a perfectly clean sink, kitchen counter top and inside of a refrigerator. For stainless steel kitchen sink and glass surface inside the refrigerator I generally mix it with a little lemon juice as well. Lemon removes stain effectively, leaving a fresh odour that I love!







Mindful purchase of clothing:

Being in my early 30s, I have understood very well, that quality matters and not quantity. Our culture is now of fast fashion. Thus buying loads of clothes, not repeating wardrobes, wasting money and increasing carbon footprints are the disadvantages of such trend. But amidst all these negative trends, there’s a silver lining that a few group of people are moving towards thoughtful purchase of clothes. I buy fewer clothes now and before buying I make sure the fabric is strong, the stitches are well done and the clothing fits well on me. Also I mix and match, rotate my kurtis with different leggings, jeans, dupattas and accessories to create a new look. I don’t necessarily have to look the best but surely presentable. The momentum of #wearit30times is also on full swing. Each wardrobe item you buy, you ask yourself, can I wear at 30 times at least. If yes, then buy it. If no, might be that’s an impulsive buy. In certain professional fields, it might be required to buy latest in fashion clothes. Else, its absolutely okay to repeat clothes. Reducing wastage and reducing carbon foot prints are definitely the pros of repeat and thoughtful fashion. Being an environment lover, we should develop this attitude in ourselves! Also a bonus tip, that’s learnt from times of yore, once your clothes are worn out, use it as rags for cleaning activities. It again is a money friendly and environment friendly tip.




So by incorporating a few changes in our day to day lives, we can ensure a more environment friendly living. Mother nature gives us food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe. It’s our duty to keep the nature in it’s best form to ensure she can keep supplying us with our basic need of water, food and air. As I shared my ways, please do share your tips of more environment friendly lifestyle in the comment section below.







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Disclaimer: I am not an expert environment specialist. The below pointers are just based on my understandings and how I adapted my life towards a much more environment friendly living. Also this post may contain affiliated links of products that I personally use and find really working good




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