My first month of blogging !!!!


Today is the 10th of August, 2017, which signifies the one – month birthday of my blog ‘India’s Global Kitchen’ ( gave it a real BIG name, I must say 🙂 ). The blog as you all have understood by now, is about my journal of cooking and baking in my kitchen where I experiment with favours, aroma and the science of cooking. Sometimes its the challenge of preparing perfect popular recipes and sometimes giving my figment of imagination a reality. I have been a great fan of cooking since childhood and always have yearned to do something related to this field and then I decided to share my cooking journal with you all, and that’s how the baby ‘India’s Global Kitchen Blog’ came up.

On it’s first month birthday, I would like to thank all my dear readers, family and friends for supporting me through your kind words and taking out time of your real tight schedule to read my blog and posts meticulously and thus, encouraging me to post more. Thanks a lot for all of that!!!!

Out of the 61 recipes, I posted, most of them received wonderful response and some were real dull! 🙁  No LIKES I got for them. That means a lot as well. I need to work hard and post more brilliant recipes in the future to keep up to all of your expectations. The popular posts all round the month were:

  1. Easy home made chicken biryani recipe
  2. Pizza pockets recipe
  3. Methi chicken recipe
  4. Potol mishti recipe
  5. Butter chicken recipe

Last but not the least, dear readers, my family and friends do let me know your feedback. To mention, my email ID is

Thanks for reading this lengthy worthless post again 🙂   Thanks and eat well, stay well. Keep smiling  🙂


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