Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery

Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery

As per bengali tradition, during Lakshmi puja, people make Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery and offer to Goddess Laskhmi. Following the tradition and to celebrate Bijaya with near and dear ones, maa prepares narkel naroo every year at home! In childhood, I used to help ma in the process. I would make the coconut balls with my hands and then show them to babi when he comes back from office. Lovely were those days. Now, that I have my own family, I follow the same tradition and make them the day after dashami! These naroos are usually stored in glass jars or tins and served to guests those who pay visit to homes after Durga puja





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Time required to prepare Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery: 30 minutes





Ingredients to make Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery:

  • 1 coconut – grated
  • 60 gms to 80 gms jaggery or gur





Gurer Narkel Naroo | Coconut balls with jaggery Recipe:

  • In a wok, put the jaggery or gur cubes and about 3/4 cup of water. Heat it. Let the jaggery liquidify
  • Once the jaggery has turned into liquid state and bubbles are popping up in the wok, pour the grated coconut in it
  • Stir well rigorously over a medium – high flame such that oil starts to leave the mixture and all of the grated coconut is coated with jaggery
  • Once oil starts to separate out from the mixture, go ahead and switch off the flame
  • Let it cool down just a bit so that you can hold a dollop of the mixture, press it and form a small ball with the help of 2 palms
  • Lovely beautiful sweet coconut balls or naroos are ready to serve









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