Happy Women’s Day ❤

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women around who have been defying all the unnecessary society imposed boundaries on women, to women who in spite of gender biased-ness are rising high in their careers, to women who are pursuing their dreams, to women who have been putting all their dreams to back seats and dedicating all their lives for their families.

It’s truely hard to be a woman. But God indeed has gifted us with some wonderful, strong attributes like the ability to understand emotions, empathy, ability to multi-task, endurance – the ability to bear pain with a smile on face, and so many others. Let us focus on our strengths and use them to the fullest, so that we can fight all odds and live our life to the fullest – as we are Born to Love and to be Loved, to dream and to utilize our potentials to make them come true!

As I have been raised by a father of two daughters, who have always strived to provide us sisters the best of education and all the freedom of life, being a wife to the most amazing husband who truely believes that we both are equivalent pillars of our family and till date have been respecting my independence & individuality, as being born to a family where women are respected to the highest orders, being born to a mother who have been frowned at times “dutoe meye!” ( both daughters! ) by the society but still with pride have been declaring ” ora cheler cheye bhalo “…. I thank God from the core of my heart, for all the support and love that I have been getting from all around!

And last but not the least,  on this International women’s day, I would like to pray for a ‘ gender bias free ‘ society where all women are respected and celebrated for being ‘themselves’… and not measured on yardsticks of color, BMI, their choices, if they have careers or not, if they have child or not, if they are married or not etc etc etc etc etc..

From next year on-wards might be on the same day we get to celebrate  some ‘being human day’ and not any gender specific day!

With lots of love and power to all the amazing women,

Deboleena, The blogger – India’s Global Kitchen

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