How to set curd at home | Home made curd recipe

How to set curd at home | Home made curd recipe

Curd is made out of milk and has its usage in marinades, cooking and can be eaten as a dessert. It’s extremely healthy and gives you a glowing skin. Curd procured from the sweet shops can be expensive and if made at home can be extremely cheaper. All you have to do is buy 50 gms of curd initially from sweet shop and packets of milk henceforth. Below is the information about How to set curd at home | Home made curd recipe


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In summers it’s very easy to set curd at home. In the evening, boil milk and let temperature come down a bit. The milk should not be cold as well. It should be warm. Take a glass bowl or beautiful terracotta bowls. Put a tbsp of curd. Pour in warm milk. Give it a nice stir. Cover and let the bowl rest overnight. Do not disturb the bowl!


In the morning when you get up your curd is ready. You can set it well in refrigerator. For storage of the curd, refrigerator is the place. Next time on wards, just leave some curd in the bowl after taking away the rest and use that as a seed for your next setting. Ensure the bowl remains clean and not contaminated. However, it is better to change the seed every week or two with fresh ones as mentioned above, from the stores.


This is how to set curd at home | Home made curd recipe

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