Homemade aloo tikki burger from scratch!

Homemade aloo tikki burger

Well it’s undebatable, kids love to gorge on junk foods. Be it pizza, be it burgers, be it pastas or rolls! Don’t we love them too? But certainly we all try to avoid outside food as far as possible. But what if we can serve them their favorites at home, made completely at home?

After I became a mother myself, and being wife to a health consious man, my perspective towards food and diet changed 180 degrees. I used to be a junk addict. Crispy chickens, fat cheese burgers, rolls, chilli chicken were a part of my every day diet. Living away from parents due to work, to beat home sickness, junk food became my companion.

Then I married this man, who would not appreciate the junks! But being a foodie, he liked them all when I started making them at home from scratch. Now he really enjoys all kinds of homemade pastas, pizzas, biryanis guilt free.

Coming to homemade favorites, we can make Homemade aloo tikki burger easily at home. You can make the burger buns beforehand and store them in refrigerator. Also you can prepare the tikkis pre-hand and store them in refrigerator. Before making the burgers, just take them out and fry the tikkis. You are done!

Let’s check how to make them from scratch at home. For the homemade burger bun and homemade aloo tikki recipe, please check the links below:

Homemade aloo tikki

Homemade burger buns

Total time required to make Homemade aloo tikki burger with ingredients made beforehand: 20 minutes

Ingredients needed to make Homemade aloo tikki burger:

  • 5 burger buns
  • 5 aloo tikkis
  • 5 cheese slices
  • 5 fat onion slices
  • 5 cucumber slices

Homemade aloo tikki burger – The recipe:

  • Let’s take a burger bun. Cut it through the middle with a knife
  • Take the tikkis out of the fridge. Heat refined oil in a non-stick pan. Fry the tikkis, till both the surfaces are golden brown. Take them out and keep aside
  • Now on bottom part of the burger bun, put a slice of cheese. On top add onion and cucumber slices. On top place fried aloo tikki. Now, cover the tikki with other top half of the bun

Your Homemade aloo tikki burger is ready! It’s healthy, tasty. Enjoy yourself and serve others guilt free!!

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