Life after re-joining the workforce

So….. it’s been long that I have posted something in the blog. May be a month or so…. Wanting to write desperately but not getting the time to pen my words down was the case….. The reason being me joining back the IT workforce again. ….

Yes, a lot has happened in the past few months as I re-joined the workforce after a break of 2 years. The last 2 years really have been fabulous and would remain the most cherished moment of my life. But the rejoining incident was more of an accident than a planned one. …..

As you start something it takes time to settle down. So I have been irregular on my blog. Really sorry for that… but all said and done. . I am happy to restart my blogging journey after a short break now!!!

Yes, this time with more recipes from my kitchen… and a lot more lifestyle related posts are awaiting on this blog….. so accept my appologies and let’s restart our journey. ..

Stay tuned……😊

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