Garlic mashed potato – The Classic English Side Dish

Garlic mashed potato

Today’s recipe is “Garlic mashed potato”. The classic mashed potato and bread! Or Mashed potato and grilled fish…. In the west it’s a popular dish in their menu during occassions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though it would not be fair to draw a parallel with bengal’s own ‘alu sheddho’ a basic, simple recipe of boiled potatoes served with raw mustard oil, chopped onions and green chilli, that’s mashed potato for us, hence also called ‘alu makha’. Now Mashed potato is a classic English recipe that’s silky, smooth and lump free in its texture. It’s made with milk, butter, cream. This can be served to babies and nothing seems as perfect for their meals. For toddlers and growing kids, it’s packed with energy and nutrition as well. On top of it they live having it because it’s tasty as well!

I made this Mashed potato with garlic. Addition of garlic surely enhances the taste of mashed potato. I added fresh cream to enhance the flavour as well, though it’s optional. And the best part is I made it in a pressure cooker, hence reducing cooking time immensely







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Time to make Garlic mashed potato: 15 minutes



Serves 3 – 4 people



Ingredients for Garlic mashed potato:

  • 5 potatoes  (medium sized)
  • 75 gms butter (You can be more generous with it)
  • Milk – 3/4 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground pepper – 1 tsp
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbsp fresh cream






Garlic mashed potato recipe:

  • Peel off the skin and cut the potatoes into 4 pieces. In a pressure cooker, put the cut potatoes, add water. Close the lid and cook it for 6 – 7 whistles ( I used chandramukhi variety of potato, depending on the variety of potatoes used, whistles should be adjusted )
  • Let the steam escape. Drain off the excess water
  • Now, the potatoes are boiled and mashable. Add thinly chopped garlic ( Adding garlic in this manner may leave a few bits in the mashed potato though. Nevertheless the outcome is not bad at all )
  • Turning on to medium heat, mash the potatoes with a masher. No lumps or blocks should remain
  • Add butter, salt and black pepper
  • With a whisker, whisk it continuously over medium flame
  • Add hot milk now and whisk well again until the mixture is enough smooth, creamy, silky
  • Top it with fresh cream and whisk again till the desired texture and consistency is reached. Put off the flame and plate it


Serve the creamy, silky Garlic mashed potato as it is or with breads or grilled fish!







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