My basic skincare routine

Before I start writing about basic skincare routine, here’s a quick disclaimer. I am not a beauty expert and I am going to share only what I have understood by reading about beauty regime a lot and also from my past experience.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – as true as it goes, yet there’s a need to take care of our skin daily to make it look beautiful. To me beauty on external side means, being comfortable being oneself and to own a spotless, glowing skin. I don’t believe in using skin whitening products as skin color is the last thing that I would ever care about! My skin care is quite simple and here is what it looks like:

  1. Cleanse: Cleanse your skin twice daily. And it’s the most basic ground work that we lay for a glowing skin. I cleanse my skin with a good face wash as per my skin type. Mine was extremely oily when I was a teen and in my 20’s. But ever since my 30’s, its turned combination type. If one has acne issues, they can use a face wash with salicylic acid. I have 2 – 3 face washes that work good on my face and I keep rotating them until a tube ends. The face washes that suit my skin type and does the cleaning job quite perfectly are Jovees Papaya Face wash, Lotus facewashes, Khadi Sandalwood and honey facewashes. I wash my face before I leave for office and another time before I go to bed
  2. Exfoliation: This step is important yet most of us tend to be happy with just cleansing. Exfoliation is important as it helps scrubbing off the dead cells from the surface, thus helping regeneration of skin cells. Its better we avoid harsh exfoliator. For me gel based exfoliator works nice. Twice a week you can go for it
  3. Toning: To close the pores on your skin we use toner. Jovees cucumber toner and Lotus basil toner works wonder on my combination / oily skin
  4. Moisturisation: Yet again a very important step. I like to use water based moisturizer for my combination/oily skin. Oil based ones work good on dry skin. Currently though I am happy just using Green Leaf aloe vera gel for the purpose. The gel helps to clear complexion and heal sunburns and scars. It serves as a base/ primer for further skin care and make up
  5. Sunscreen: The most most important stuff to keep your skin glowing is this one. Never miss applying sunscreen on your skin 20 minutes before you step out of your home during day time. Applying sunscreen not only helps you with reduced sunburn, it protects skin from harmful UV rays, and thus protecting skin against too many damages. It helps to maintain youthfulness of skin. A sunscreen with Minimum SPF 20 is must, the higher the better. Gel based sunscreen is the best for oily skin. My all time favorite is Lotus sunscreen gel SPF 50 gel based
  6. Night time skincare: During night, most of the skin repairing job is done by our body. So applying a night cream helps the repairing activities of the skin all the more. For people below 30, a rejuvenating night cream with active ingredients works just fine. For above 30, an anti-aging cream should enter the skin care regime. Using wrinkle corrector and such products are helpful to maintain skin’s youthfulness. The key ingredients that help fighting wrinkles, fine lines are retinol and that’s the main component of any anti-aging cream. For 30’s 0.5 % retinol works okay. Using retinol on skin has also some restraints. One should not have prolonged exposure to sun after applying retinol
  7. Facial: Apart from your daily skincare routine, treat your facial skin with a basic professional facial once a month at least. The facial cleansing, the massaging techniques applied, the face mask helps to impart a wonderful glow to your skin, combats pollution, helps you age gracefully! If money or time is a constraint, just grab a facial kit from the nearest retail shop and give yourself a facial treat all by yourself. There’s a lot of youtube videos these days that you can take a tutorial from. It’s just that easy!
  8. Lip care: Use a lip balm twice a day. Nivea lip balms are my friend for life

A few tips to follow:

  1. The least thing you can do to help your skin is to cleanse it. Just wash your face before you retire to bed how much tired you may be feeling
  2. Always use natural/herbal products for skin. Try to avoid chemicals
  3. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of clear water, herbal tea and always eat a healthy diet
  4. Keep yourself happy. The less stressed you are the more glowing your skin is
  5. Yoga is another key instrument to have a good skin. I rarely do yoga since I don’t get the time. But whenever I manage to devote some time to yoga, I can see a glow in my skin. Just try it yourself! Need an inspiration still? Look at Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Hema Malini, Sushmita Sen!

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