Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets Recipe

Pizza pockets are indeed great snacks. When pizzas are made at home with home made pizza sauce and bases you can feel the least guilty and serve the tasty snack to get loads of applauds from the kids! To satisfy pizza cravings of your kids, do check this simple Pizza pockets Recipe.

Total time required for the  Pizza pockets Recipe: 2 hours for the pizza dough to rise + 1 hour to bake and garnish

Ingredients for Pizza pockets Recipe for a medium sized pizza:

1. 2 pizza bases out of the pizza dough

2. Pizza sauce

3. Egg – 1/2 (beaten)

4. Cheese – I use cheddar which is generally available at home but the best cheese would be mozarella cheese or any pizza cheese available in the market

5. Oil (Olive oil should be the best choice, however, in Indian sub-continent, the more popular oils like refined oil is also okay to use)

Pizza pockets Recipe – The Method:

1. Dust pizza pan with all – purpose flour and roll the pizza dough into flat base of pizza in the pizza pan

2. Top the base with pizza sauce

3. Sprinkle grated cheese

4. Brush the circumference of the Base with beaten egg

5. Place another round base on top of it

6. Paste the two pizzas along the circumference of lower and upper bases with serrated fork together and make 4 divisions with running knife. Also prick here and there with fork

7. Brush the top of pizza with beaten egg

8. Insert the pan in the preheated oven (180 Celsius) and bake at 180 Celsius for 20-22 minutes

Snapshot for Pizza pockets Recipe:

Take out the whole pizza pocket and divide into 4 pieces and serve hot!!!!



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