Simple pudding recipe

Simple pudding recipe

Searching a recipe to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth? Well, here’s a Simple pudding recipe that can be made easily at home with super easily found  ingredients at your fridge. Try it out. It’s made up of milk, egg, sugar, ghee and cardamom and made in a steamer. You can top it with caramel sauce and enjoy it even more after your lunch or dinner! It’s good for children as well.


Total cooking time for Simple pudding recipe  : 45 minutes


Ingredients for Simple pudding recipe cooked for 2 – 3 people:

1. 500 ml milk

2. 4 – 5 tsp powdered sugar

3. 4 – 5 green cardamom seeds or elaichi seeds or powdered cardamom (1 tsp)

4. 3 beaten eggs

5. 1 tbsp ghee or butter


Simple pudding recipe – The method:

1. Boil milk ( simmer ) and reduce it to half

2. To the thickened milk, add ghee, sugar and cardamom.Give it a good stir

3. When the mixture comes down to room temperature, add well beaten eggs. Mix well. No lumps should be present

4. Take a small mould or bowl, grease it with oil or butter or ghee. Pour the mixture into it

5. Take a steamer and put the bowl inside it with a lid on it and water level adjusted. Switch on the flame

6. Simmer for some good 15 – 18 minutes. Check if it’s set. Switch off the flame

7. Take out the bowl or mould. Turn it upside down. And whoa! Beautiful pudding is just done!

Refrigerate for half an hour more.

Top it with caramel sauce and eat and enjoy the wonderful dessert…. ☺







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