Sour egg curry

Eggs are indeed my all time favourites and to experiment with eggs as I love having egg curries frequently owing to its ease of cooking, I like the most.

There are several ways of cooking an egg curry. If you like tikha some day, try dim kosha and if you want to have a khatta egg curry just for change, try this recipe of mine. I’m sure you will love it.


Cooking time – 30 minutes

Method for 3 people:

1. Boil 3 eggs and de-shell and fry the boiled eggs till they turn a bit red on all sides

2. Cut a potato into small pieces and fry them. Keep separate

3. Make a paste of 1 onion, 1 inch ginger and 1 dry red chilly pre-soaked in vinegar or lemon juice

4. Now heat oil in a wok and let some curry leaves sizzle

5. Add the onion paste and cook till oil separates

6. Now add a paste of turmeric, coriander and cumin powder. Stir

7. Add tamarind paste and stir

8. Add fried potatoes, salt and eggs and stir till oil separates

9. Add 4 cups of water and cover cook for sometime till potatoes are done

10. Add crushed dry kasuri methi and cover cook for 2 minutes. Switch off flame

Serve hot with rice!



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