Hilsa Ilish bhapa or steamed hilsa recipe

Ilish bhapa or steamed hilsa recipe

Ilish or hilsa, the king of fish, can be cooked in numerous ways. Just fry it (Ilish bhaja)  and serve with a plate of steamed rice. Just enough for a satisfied tummy! Or just it can be cooked with a little kalo jeera or onion seed (Kalojeera Ilish) for a simple tasty meal. Now if you […]

Hilsa Ilish machh bhaja or Fried Hilsa fish by Deboleena Mandal

Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa

Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa, served with steamed rice, a fried cayenne pepper and the left over oil in which the fishes are fried, can be the simplest, tastiest meal on earth for the Bengalis. Ilish or Hilsa, is known as the ‘King of Fish’ is surely the best fish of the bengalis who are […]