South Indian recipe

Cumin rice Jeera rice | Cumin rice

Simple Jeera rice | Cumin rice recipe

Rice is consumed all over the world. Rice has numerous health benefits as well. Rice provides instant energy, controls blood pressure, provides vitamins and minerals, treats constipation. There are plenty of yummy rice recipes in India. Be it with a vegetable pulao (sweet corn and peas pulao), a rice recipe with mutton (mutton mutanjan) or […]

chicken recipe Chicken chettinad recipe

Chicken chettinad recipe

Chicken chettinad recipe is derived right from the South Indian cuisine. This is extremely flavorful due to the presence of ground spices, curry leaves which are used to cook the chicken. So today let’s check out the Chicken chettinad recipe. During my stay in the south, in our office cafeteria this chicken dish was served in […]

Dimer curry

Sour egg curry

Eggs are indeed my all time favourites and to experiment with eggs as I love having egg curries frequently owing to its ease of cooking, I like the most. There are several ways of cooking an egg curry. If you like tikha some day, try dim kosha and if you want to have a khatta […]

South Indian recipe Lemon rice recipe

Lemon rice recipe

If you have left over rice from the day before, just try out this Lemon rice recipe. It’s a south Indian dish. During my bangalore days, on every Wednesdays  it  was served by our PG aunt and I used to relish the flavor of the dish! Cooking time for Lemon rice recipe: 15 minutes Ingredients for […]

Chicken biryani Easy Home Made Chicken Biriyani Recipe

Easy Home Made Chicken Biryani Recipe

A pot of biryani is surely a dose of happiness! Be it religious festivals or celebrations or get together,  this one pot meal is surely a winner food with all its aroma, flavor and richness. There are several elaborate ways of making biryanis as there are numerous kinds of biryanis available all over the world. […]