The art of tidying up home..

Tidying up for a few of us is a mammoth task but for the rest it’s just an effortless task. And the difference in perspective lies in the way of our life. Discipline is what it takes to keep our home tidy and beautiful always. In today’s post I will discuss about the importance of practicing tidiness in our day to day life and how we can ensure a tidy home!

Tidying up our home is sometimes a social response. The moment we get a call ‘we’ll arrive in a few minutes’ from a dear relative or a friend. . instead of feeling happy we start getting panic attacks. Why on earth can’t they pay a planned visit! The home is in a horrendous state and what they will think if us if they see this mess. The throwing up activity starts and behind the curtains and in the storage box starts our stuff getting dumped….

The importance of tidying up:

  1. Clutters around us do affect our emotional state negatively.
  2. A clean and tidy environment boosts up productivity, refreshes our mind
  3. It’s no good staying with a pile of unorganized books, clothes, utensils etc

I guess these reasons are good enough to motivate you to get started with the tidying activities.

Moving ahead with the tidying activities:

The first thing that you should start with while tidying up is de-cluttering. Purge your clothes in the almirah, books in the shelves, utensils and appliances in your kitchen one by one. You should focus on keeping the essentials only. Anything worn up should be discarded outright. Any old items in good and working conditions that you probably are least likely to use can be donated or put up for sell. Old newspapers, books, clothes, utensils can be sold. Though you can’t really make a fortune out of it, it has some benefits. One, you free up some precious space in your house, second, the things lying idle in your home may get a place in someone’s house who really needs it or gets recycled the proper way.

Now, after you identify stuff that’s essential or you decide to keep for sentimental value, next is the turn to designate each item a proper designated area to keep. For example, the clothes should be kept in the almirah only. The clothes you wear once and can be re-worn can be placed in hangers attached to doors / wall. The books are necessarily placed in the shelf. The table lamp on the table and so on.

Now, take up the cleaning activities. Clean each and every zone of your house. Kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, bathroom etc. Sweep the floor, mop it with a disinfectant. Clean kitchen counteracts, sink, bathroom fixtures, pots, floors and tiles. Dust out the furniture, lights, fans.

By now, your house is organised and cleaned!

Some important things to keep in mind while tidying up:

  • Tidying up should be an ongoing phenomenon with a proper annual, monthly, weekly and daily cleaning routine in place. It needs to be disciplined to ensure an organised house. It’s not all hard work.
  • We need to be grateful for the things we own. Then only we can take care of our stuff. Unnecessary shopping and hoarding of stuff primarily can cause clutter in our home. Buy things mindfully and not emotionally
  • Spend 10 minutes daily to keep stuff in their designated areas
  • After you finish off cooking and eating, clear the counter top and tables immediately

In my future blogs I shall post about cleaning routines and organisation ideas. So stay tuned for more on home organisation ideas.

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