The recipe for Mango Ice-cream using a blender

Mango Ice-cream using a blender

This is my first post about ice-cream in this blog and I’m very much excited. The very first memory of home made ice-cream dates back to my childhood when maa will make ice creams out of mango pulp and milk, pure milk and milk mixed with bournvita  (a health drink), all hand blended and put straight into the freezer. They would be tasty ice cream popsicles, sherbets  just enough to beat the heat in summers. Things have changed a lot since then, in every aspect of our lives. Now, ice creams in the market are available in exotic flavors and you are spoilt for choice! To keep up to the changing times and to cater to my daughter’s demand of having ice-creams, I have finally started learning to make different home made ice-creams. At least, they  are better choice any day than the ones we get in tubs in the super market (even if they are not having that great flavors of black currants and all). So here goes the recipe of Mango Ice-cream using a blender, which is soft and comes out much like the ones that we procure from the super markets which are full of synthetic flavors, emulsifiers and stablilizers.


Time to make Mango Ice-cream using a blender ( excluding freezing time) : 10 minutes




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Ingredients to make Mango Ice-cream using a blender :

  • 1 ripe mango with lots of flesh and less fibre
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1.5 cups of milk (preferably milk with greater fat content)
  • 200 ml of fresh cream (I used 25 % fat variant)



Recipe of Mango Ice-cream using a blender:

  • To begin with, put into the freezer the mango, milk, ice-cream container and the container in which you would blend all stuff. Also put into the refrigerator, the cream. All should be kept there for at least for 24 hours
  • Now, take the ingredients out of the freezer
  • Start with placing the mango and the container containing milk in normal temperature water. Now, when the mango starts softening a bit, peel off the mango skin and extract the pulp. I could extract about 150 ml of mango pulp
  • In the blender, put the mango pulp, 2 cups of sugar, milk (which by the time would have started melting). Blend all ingredients together, until sugar granules are not visible and have mixed well with the mixture
  • Now, add the fresh cream and again blend in for a few pulses (about 2 – 3 minutes) till we get a nice mixture
  • Take a tub or any air tight container and pour the mixture. Tab it a bit and put straight into the freezer
  • After 7 – 8 hours, the ice-cream is frozen yet soft! It’s recommended to consume the same within 24 hours to enjoy the flavors intact and to get a soft texture of the ice-cream
  • Scoop out ice-creams and serve in wonderful ice-cream cups!




Some more tips and information on making the Mango Ice-cream using a blender :

  1. Remember, there’s many ways of doing things. Similarly, the method of making ice creams can vary. Like, there’s another traditional way of using whipping method where in, condensed milk can be used along with mango pulp and fresh cream. They all are whisked by hand. For convenience,  blenders can be used
  2. The more the fat content in milk, fresh cream, the better the richness and creamy texture of the ice-cream shall be
  3. Always use air tight containers for freezing the ice cream. Else sugar granules will crystalize on surface. Again, in the zeal of being more environment – friendly and healthy, I use stainless steel containers with a plastic covering outside. A plastic container, paper ice-cream tubs are good for storage of home – made ice-creams otherwise
  4. Adjust sugar as per your choice. Mango in itself has lots of natural sugar. So you may choose to reduce the amount of sugar as well. Remember, sugar reduces the amount of formation of ice crystals, producing more softer ice creams, hence improving texture of the ice cream and giving it more body. The higher the content of sugar, the lower the freezing point of the ice-cream. So choose the amount of sugar you want to put in your ice-cream wisely 🙂
  5. Instead of milk and sugar separately you may use condensed milk conveniently
  6. We do not need to add extra flavors of vanilla essence or pods to the mango ice-cream. Mango’s innate flavor is quite palatable in itself. However, you can add soaked raisins if you wish to. I guess it goes well together
  7. For garnishing pistachio and raisins can be used in case of mango ice-creams
  8. Freezing the containers, blender jars, ingredients is suggested to be done at least for 24 hours prior to the churning process. The process is a must
  9. The convenience of home made ice-creams lies in the fact that you can moderate the amount and quality of ingredients as per your requirements. You may not add that heavy creams or use double toned milk. The texture will be affected, but health wise would be good! Personally I prefer cooking simple recipes with great innate flavours and much processing and addition of chemicals involved


In my up-coming posts I shall keep on posting more such interesting recipes of ice-creams. Keep watching the space for more easy, simple heirloom recipes 🙂




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