Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

We have all the kitchenware we need in our kitchen to make it as effective and efficient as possible. But when guests arrive in our homes, we need a helping hand. Though it doesn’t need a group of people to cook for the guests, it takes extra effort for sure. So, why not buy a set of efficient cookware to cook the food faster and finish the work quickly.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove

In every household, it has been common as it is very helpful for families who make tiffin for their children in the morning and office tiffin for other members. It might save time and energy. You can also go for best 3 burner gas stove available in India.

To save your time we have arranged this list, please take a look at Four Burner Gas Stove Models.

Bestselling 4 Burners Gas Stove In India

1. Lifelong Four Stove Gas Burner

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black (ISI...

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Lifelong Gas Stove 4 Burner Glass Top is very efficient. It has a toughened glass top which is shatterproof. This elegant gas stove can add charm to your décor. It has burner stands that are spill proof. You really don’t need to worry about the vessels that can topple around.

It has ergonomically designed knobs that are easy to use. In addition, they are well designed to avoid gas leakage to give efficient and safe cooking to the users. This stove is known to have a compact design to save plenty of counter space. Have a look at the features of Gas Chulha 4 Burner.

  • Thick pan supports
  • Shatter-proof glass top
  • Anti-skid feet
  • 1 year warranty with doorstep service

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2. Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I

Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I, 4 burners, Glass, Black

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Bosch is the leading and reputed brand that offers fuel-efficient and easy to clean gas stoves for utmost convenience. Bosch Gas Stove 4 Burner Auto Ignition Burner gas stove is designed with the premium finish on the toughened glass top as a beautiful addition to the kitchen.

This gas stove features multiple burners for multi-tasking housewives. It comes with manual ignition for highly efficient performance. It is safe from spills with its spill-proof design. It is safe, convenient and easy to clean and maintain. You can check the Gas Chulha 4 Burner Price by clicking the link above.

  • Elegant glass top design
  • Top-quality knobs
  • Euro coated grid
  • Heavy brass burners
  • Toughened glass
  • Stainless steel plate

3. SUNSHINE Glass Top Alfa Oval MS 4 Burner Gas Stove

SUNSHINE Glass Top Alfa Oval MS 4 Burner Gas Stove Manual...

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Featuring four highly efficient burners made of brass to consume less LPG and cook different dishes at the same time, TGC 4B glass top gas stove from SUNSHINE is really a versatile partner in your kitchen. It is easy to clean with a spill-proof design and stainless steel drip tray to gather overflows and spills to keep the cooktop tidy and clean.

It is an excellent blend of great performance and design. The gas stoves from SUNSHINE are very versatile. Unlike ordinary gas stoves, SUNSHINE’s range of stoves delivers long-term performance and durability.

  • Brass burners
  • Powder-coated pan supports
  • 360 degree swivel gas inlet
  • The stainless steel drip tray
  • Gas knob
  • Toughened glass top with an elegant finish

4. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove 4 Burner

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top 4 Brass Burner Gas Stove (Manual...

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Add elegant touch and style to your kitchen design with this elegant Sunflame GT Pride 4 Burner Gas Stove. It features four brass burners that are spaced well. You can cook up to four items at the same time and save much energy and time during the rush hours. Each of these efficient brass burners has three rows of flame for even heat distribution.

This gas cooktop has a glass cooktop which has been toughened to deliver a great look. It has been fitted with a 20cm pan with Euro coating with stainless steel drip trays. It can provide a pleasant cooking experience. These knobs are well designed for anyone to use a cooktop easily.

  • Spill-proof design
  • Toughened glass cooktop
  • Well designed ergonomic knobs
  • Powder-coated metal base

5. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

Gst Royale Plus Schott Glasstop Gt04

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Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove is designed well to add a charm of European Excellence to your pantry. It is a stunning and exciting range of gas tables designed to provide the utmost convenience with superior looks. These gas stoves combine stunning looks with performance. It provides the great experience with German manufacturing norms so you can have top quality glass.

  • Italy-imported SABAF valves which are designed for smooth work and quality.
  • Schott Glass top which looks elegant and durable
  • Tri-pin brass burners
  • Ergonomic design on knob

6. Sunflame Nova Toughened Glass 4 Brass Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Crystal Nova 4B BK Toughened Glass 4 Brass Burner Gas...

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Sunflame 4 Burner gas stove is very efficient and it has a shatter-proof and toughened glass top. It adds charm and looks elegant to the kitchen. It has well-designed and spill-proof burner stands. There is nothing to worry about vessels that topple around. It has ergonomically designed knobs that are user-friendly. They are also designed to avoid gas leakage to give an efficient and safe cooking experience.

  • Black toughened glass top
  • Italian technology saves up to 15% LPG
  • 4 highly powerful Tri Pin Gas Burners
  • SS Spill Tray to prevent leaks

7. Glen 4 Gas Stove Burner Auto Ignition

Glen 4 Burner LPG Glass Gas Stove with Brass Burner, Auto...

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Glen 4 Burner Glass gas stove makes cooking more fun and convenient with auto-ignition. It has a stainless steel build to make it long-lasting and durable. It is the best solution from Glen to daily cooking. This stove is easy to maintain with 1 year of warranty and it adds balance and stability when it comes to cooking. This is 4 Burner Automatic Gas Stove.

  • Auto ignition
  • Toughened glass top
  • Drip tray made of stainless steel
  • 4mm pan supports
  • Aluminum alloy burners to ensure longer life span

8. Prestige Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Stove

Gas Stove Duplex Dgs 4

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With this four-burner gas stove from prestige, you can expect reliable working for a very affordable price point. Prestige Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Stove is designed for LP gas, and it has four brass burners. Autoignition enhances usability as you don’t need any gas stove lighter to flame it up, which makes it convenient to use. This product has 4 Gas Burner.

With the spill-proof design and easy to use burning technology, it feels like the most reliable choice for the price. However, the slight disadvantages are with the design because it is an old generation gas burner which is not used anymore. Otherwise, every factor is quite impressive to go after this product for sure.

  • High-Efficiency Burners
  • Stainless steel body, quality built
  • Spill-proof design for easier use
  • Comes with duplex advantages

9. iBELL 555GH Hob Toughened Glass

iBELL 555GH Hob Toughened Glass 4 Burner Top Gas Stove with Auto...

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Going for ISI certified stove ensure can ensure a safe purchase because such products are reliable and better to consider as you compare them with other ones. iBELL 555GH Hob has a mesmerizing built quality with a straight four brass burner set which can help you cook with ease. This product Gas Stove Four Burner can ease your cooking.

The design is reliable and good to consider, but if you look at the price, then it is an absolutely very lower price point. It also has positive reviews which can ensure safe use, but the outdated design can make you rethink. It is a stainless-steel product whereas the trend is of ceramic burners so you should stay selective.

  • Set of four brass burners.
  • Certified by ISI
  • Aluminium mixed tubes
  • 1-year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Heavy stainless-steel body

List of Best 4 Burner Gas Stove

How Necessary is a Gas Stove? 

Gas stoves are an essential commodity for every household. In modern times, there are several alternative options for gas stoves. Two of the most widely used types are electric stoves and gas stoves. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should have a gas stove in your kitchen rather than an electric one.  

Here is a list of some potential reasons to support the previous statement.  

  • Gas stoves are firstly very favourable and easy to use. 
  • They don’t consume electricity. So, there will be no extra burden on the electricity bill for these. 
  • Gas stoves need less maintenance, and they last for a longer duration compared with electric stoves. 
  • Gas stoves run on natural gas. Hence, the overall expense for these stoves is less than the electric ones. 
  • You can adjust the temperature and the flame on the burners very easily. 
  • Cooking on gas stoves lessens the cooking time substantially as they help you cook faster. 
  • Every woman fascinates to have a modular kitchen. The all-new models of gas stoves come in brilliant and sophisticated designs to fit appropriately in those kitchens with all smart equipment. 
  •  Finally, these stoves are commonly accompanied by a drip tray for a spill-proof experience of cooking. This feature makes the maintenance and cleaning process of your kitchen super easy for every homemaker. 

Features to Consider before Buying the Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India 

  • Burners  

Nowadays, gas stoves come with several options for burners, starting from 1 burner stove to the four burners gas stoves. Before buying any model of a gas stove, consider how big a family you have, how often do you have cooking parties in your home, and what are other cooking requirements you have. Choose according to your need. 

  • Budget 

Budget is always a vital matter before investing your money in anything. In the case of gas stoves, there are plenty of options in the market to choose from a varied range of budgets. The high ranged gas stoves come with the most excellent quality, amazing features, and the best of durability.

Whereas the low ranged stoves will be fundamentally functioning, but they will lack the finesse of the high-budget ones in every way. And there are some mid-range gas stoves. If you have a moderate budget, then it is always advisable that you should at least go for the mid-priced ones as gas stoves are a one-time investment for a long period of time. Apart from the basic functionalities, they will let you experience some of the excellent qualities as well.  

  • Design  

The best gas stoves in India<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> now come in many different designs and materials. They even come in different colours as well. You can choose anything from the wide variety of designs to match your kitchen’s interior design and your aesthetic sense.

  • Material  

Some of the most commonly used materials for making gas stoves are aluminum brass, stainless steel, or any other metal, or even toughened glass material. What matters more than what material the stove is made of is the safety and durability of the stove. Moreover, you should check for a few other features like –  

  • Strong pan support 
  • Reliable drip trays made of stainless steel 
  • Spill-proof structure 
  • A metal base that is powder-coated 
  • Shatter-proof cooktops 
  • Standard brass burners

How To Choose The Right 4 Burner Gas Stove

Four Burner Gas Stove Buying Guide
You need to choose a gas stove model which can meet all your needs and demands. If you don’t know what features and design to look for, we would help and guide you by considering the benefits of gas stove when it comes to cook. In this guide, we are going to discuss various considerations and decisions that will help you choose the best gas stove

Ignitions – You can choose from two sets of gas stoves – manual ignition or auto ignition. You just have to turn the knob in auto ignition which gives flames. But you have to light the stove manually by match stick or lighter in manual ignition. Auto ignition is considered a lot safer than manual one.

Drip Trays – Drip trays have been used on gas stove to make it more hygienic and clean. It is very easy to clean and it prevents bugs. These trays are fixed to keep the area under the gas clean and hygienic. It is very vital to ensure proper cleanliness in your kitchen because it is the area where you cook food for you and your family and it might affect your family’s health directly or indirectly. You need to clean the kitchen clean and tidy.

Space – You can choose the gas burner in different shapes like square, rectangular, or oval. It is up to your needs which is at proper use and takes up less space. All kitchen spaces don’t have areas to fit in square top.

So, you need to buy stove by considering your kitchen space and don’t make it more congested.

Body material – You should also consider the material your gas stove is made of. Choose the stove made of stainless steel as it lasts longer and don’t rust easily. So, it is durable for long term use.

Burner material – Brass is considered to be the best material for your burner. It lasts long and is durable. It gives proper flames to cook your food without any problem and quickly. Choose the good quality burner which is supposed to be the heart of gas stove. Gas stove is nothing without burner.

Gas Stoves Maintaining Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

It is very important to ensure the proper maintenance of a gas stove because you are dealing with something very inflammable. It can lead to accidents if you are not careful around the gas. In such a case, there are some Do’s and Don’ts of maintaining the gas stove. Let us have a look at these.


  • Cleaning – Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a gas You need to ensure that you properly clean the gas stove if something spills. This will ensure that you do not stain the stove and it will also prevent any type of rusting which can be fatal.
  • Burners – It is also important to clean the burners at regular interval of time and this would ensure that the efficiency of your gas stove remains high.
  • Inspection – You must also inspect the gas stove and the gas pipe at regular intervals. This would ensure that there is no leakage. Always use high quality pipeline and in case of cracks, immediately replace the pipelines.
  • Regulator – Turn off the main regulator after every use and also ensure that the knobs are in off position. This would ensure that you do not leave the gas in on position accidentally.
  • Prevention – Keep a fire extinguisher near to the gas stove. This can prove to be a handy piece of equipment in case of any issue.


  • During Cleaning – Never put water on the stove This can prevent you from igniting the gas until the water is there and at the same time, it can damage the stove. Always use a wipe with mild cleaning liquid or water.
  • Not to Hot – Do not start cleaning as soon as you are done with cooking. Wait for the temperature to lower down or else you might end up with a burn.
  • Post Cleaning –After the cleaning, ensure that you dry up the gas stove properly and this is also applicable for burners. Before installing them back, everything should be dried out properly to avoid rusting.
  • Stove unattended – You must never leave the gas stove unattended. This is one of the major reason for accidents. The spills can lead to flame being extinguished but that doesn’t stop the gas leaks.
  • Gas Odor – Never ignore the gas odour. As soon as you notice any odour, turn off the main regulator and inspect the reason for odour.


All the gas stoves mentioned above are of good quality and made by trusted and reliable brands. You should have proper know how when buying products which can go in the kitchen.

It is because it can cook food items which are widely used to keep kitchen clean. Be sure to check different gas stoves out there to choose the best one for your kitchen.

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